Monday, March 23, 2009

One week in...

Ran more this week than I have in a long while. (5 workouts for 22 miles) But I have a long way to go, and the hardest part is getting out of the gate. so this is a good start. I remember how strong I used to be and admit that it haunts me like my youth.

I also know that lifting weights is incredibly important part of training. I neglected that in the first marathon training regimen, and really really paid the price for it. I am now aiming for a 2:1 time ratio -- for every twenty minutes running, 10 minutes in the weight room. Lifting improves balance, strength, and, most importantly, regulates the amount of running such that it makes it harder to overrun and then hurt myself. The weights are tough and really hurt...much more of a struggle than running for me. Always has been, and I guess thats why I have never really worked on it. It was always much easier for me to go run 5 miles than spend an hour in weight room. But I know better this time. I think anyway.

This week also had some great fresh meals...steak, swordfish, tuna. And cut way back on alcohol. Dramatically. All part of wieght...getting back to where I want to be. So that when the gun goes off on race day, I am there ready, feeling strong.

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