Friday, May 15, 2009

10K Pre-Race Thoughts

Tomorrow is the Healthy Kidney 10K. It is the first race in a long time (maybe ever) that I have really trained for and hope to see noticeable improvement over my last 10K. I have not trained for this race per se, but rather just training overall for last 2 months. Lost some, weight, ran regularly, tracked heart rate, and watched nutrition. Given that I purchased my heart rate monitor last year, this is the first cycle of races that I will run seeing the data, and more importantly, being able to compare workouts and races. I already know that compared to February of this year, I can run at a faster pace with about a 10% lower heart rate. In training, in February I ran 9:30 min/mile at a 90% of Maximum Heart Rate (MHR); earlier this week I ran 8:30 miles at less than 80% MHR. I would put up a graph from SportTracks showing the difference, but I'll save that for later this summer to show before/after. Also, given the various data I have been looking at I actually calculated VDOT and VO2Max and looked at predicted times.

All of that leads me to my goal: an age graded time of 60% or better. I have done that once, in a 5 mile race, where I ran 7:27 miles. If I believe the various calculators online (none of which seem to be the one used by NYRR), I need to run 47:00 for the 10K, or 7:30 miles. That will be a push, but that is what goals are for. So, I hope it is a good race, good time, good HR, and 60+ age grade time.


  1. Best wishes! It looks like you're well set up to go sub-47.

    I'm aiming for a 7:40 pace (47:40 goal time, which would be a PB) - I'm interested to see how all of the long runs (20+ miler on Monday) affect (hopefully positively) my ability to sustain speed. My tempo intervals suggest I should be able to do it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

    Good luck in your race tomorrow. It looks like you have an achievable goal that will force you to push yourself!


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