Friday, May 29, 2009

Foods and Farmers Market

My little hometown has a farmer's market, and it opens on Saturday. I can't wait. I am not an organic, eat what you grow, raw foodie type. I like meat, potatoes, vegetables, and fruit, and probably in that order. But recently I have been eating less meat (of all types) and more vegetables, and can't wait for the summer.

What made me miss the market the most is strawberries. Through the magic of modern agriculture, we can get Driscoll strawberries 365 days a year at our local grocery store. My toddler loves them, so we feed them to her. Except I can't taste them. I will eat one that looks like a strawberry, smells like a strawberry, but has no discernible flavor. To make it sweet enough to eat in a shortcake or macerate into a sauce, I had to add sugar. I call them fauxberries.

But the little strawberries, grown locally, that we get at the farmers market? Wonderful. They taste great, and I can eat handfuls at a time. Same with blueberries. And the tomatoes. The carrots have so much flavor and color that they look like something from a cartoon, not the lifeless bag of orange stalks in the grocery store. We are now entering the time when all of that goodness is a short walk away. Mmmmm.

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  1. Strawberries without the strawberry taste, I know exactly what you mean. It won't be much longer until the real foods are available to us, summer is just around the corner.

    Hope everything is okay with your paetella, take it easy.


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