Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

Let us all remember the many servicemen and women, current and former, and all they do for us. We all owe a debt to them for their services and sacrifices. And they are a bunch of very dedicated and good people.
As for running, I had a great run today. That is true, despite the unseasonal heat here (81 degrees) and humidity (maybe 80%?). Also the barbecue and beer last night wasn't exactly on the nutrition plan. Maybe it was the day off yesterday, but I felt incredibly strong on the trail today. Over last two months, I have increased my pace by about 45 seconds per mile and decreased my heart rate about 10%. Love my Garmin, and it is nice to see how all the hard work pays off in physical changes.

Today I wanted to run longer, but a combination of a movie, a sleeping baby, rain and a trip to Whole Foods limited my run time...Oh well. I did sleep in this morning and can't really complain -- I got my free hour in middle of the day.

Now after a shower, I am watching the hockey game (go Wings!) and planning my grill strategy for tonight..steak, fresh asparagus, wild arugula, fresh parmesan...all healthy and yummy.

Happy Memorial Day to all.

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