Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cross Training

I have been reading an interesting book, Run Less, Run Faster. The theory of the book is based on science from FIRST and boils down to 3 strong workouts a week and cross train 2 other days. The science makes sense to me, and also given my injury history and time constraints, probably more realistic for me. In fact, I had decided to follow the marathon plan in this month's Runners World developed by Burt Yasso. As an adjustment for busy runners, he said to concentrate on the three strong workouts and consider any other workouts as bonus. So, that will be my basic strategy.

Following up on that, yesterday I had a pretty grueling tempo run. It was a real effort and I was tired.

So today, rather than run easy for 3rd running day in a row, I used the rowing machine. Oh wow, is that different. My hands now have blisters on the palms. I did it for 40 minutes -- 5 minutes easy, 10 hard, 5 easy, 10 hard, 10 easy; 8000 total meters. I was pretty tired when I was done, but not like running tired, just a nice workout tired.

And then I stepped off the little seat. Whoa. I was shaking, and unsteady on my feet. My quads were quivering, and my arms were shaking. It was difficult to lift and drink from my water bottle. And my left foot big toe felt strange too, I suppose from pushing off as I rowed.

But I liked it. It definitely was a workout, and much less stress on legs and knees. And it helps develop the upper body muscles. I will do it once a week or so if these blisters go away....


  1. I love the rowing machine, it is awesome for core work....maybe next time, don't go as hard and for less distance! LOL

  2. Nice workouts! Yeah, that conditioning workout DOES seem easy, but it was TOUGH! I almost thought the cardio section would do me in...gah.

  3. i swear by that book! it really helped me the last time around...

  4. wow 40 min your first time in that is super impressive


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