Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Workouts and Summer

I can't wait for summer. I know it has technically arrived, but here in New York, it has been raining endlessly and hasn't felt anything like summer. It is on track to be the second coolest June ever, and the 5th rainiest. And my kids are still in school, as hard as that is for me to believe. They end Friday, June 26; when I was a kid we were out in mid-May.

And we also go away every year for July 4th. We go to the same place, Colorado, and over the years it has evolved from a newlywed trip to now my family taking an extended siesta in the mountains, which is quite a logistical production. That is when summer arrives for me -- being in Colorado, away from work, in the mountains, relaxing. And the town where we go has this spectacular 4th of July parade, with floats, and kids and everything.

I am also set to run a half marathon in Fairfield, CT on Sunday. That is the end to this training cycle, this diet, this stage. It will be the first non-NYRR road race I have run, and my first half in 2 years. MY PR is 1:47, and we'll see if I can top that.

We leave for Colorado in 9 days. Four days after the Fairfield half.

After we get to Colorado, training in the mountains is different. First, yes the air is thinner, which makes it harder, but you also feel better, more energized. The entire culture is outdoorsy, athletic and in motion and you feel part of it. So, the workouts may be harder because of altitude, but you feel part of the vibe and happy to be out there. Biking, hiking, running, whatever. Even if we went out too late the night before, it is wonderful. And the people are so nice and cheerful and friendly -- much different from the streets of New York

Heart rates are also higher at altitude for reasons that I don't know. For example, last year in a race, I hit 192, which is really high for a 40 year old.

Anyways just a rambling thought about how the page on the calendar is about to turn, and like sands in an hourglass, so go the days of our lives.


  1. It rained a lot here too. And that's extremely late to be getting out of school.

  2. The weather in Chicago has been rainy lately & hotter than hell. In fact yesterday was the hottest of the year. School has been out for a few weeks in my area.

    Good luck in the Fairfield 1/2. The Colorado vacation sounds nice. I never have had the opportunity to run in the mountains or at high elevations, I bet it is unique to say the least.

  3. Enjoy your half marathon and hope you post a good time. Have fun in Colorado; I really must get there some day. Cheers, Marty

  4. Have fun in the Fairfield Half. I ran it a couple of years ago and had a lot of fun. I am signed up for it again this year too, but I got pulled into work this weekend so I won't be able to make it.

    Running in Colorado should be fun. I am sure your heart rate will be higher there because of the thin air, which causes the oxygen content in your blood to be lower too, which means your heart has to pump more to get the same amount of oxygen to your muscles. It'll take a few days to acclimate I think.

  5. people aren't nice and friendly on the streets here? never noticed... :)

    have a great trip!

  6. LOL! Days of Our Lives reference. Bonus.

    Best of luck on your race. Can't wait for the report.

    Also it's like Africa hot in Florida right now.

  7. It was awfully nice for summer to finally make an appearance this week. Kick ass in Fairfield, enjoy Colorado, and congrats on the awesome Father's Day fiver! I'm jealous (and inspired by the progress) - it almost makes me wish I had focused more on speed instead of distance the last few months.


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