Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Running Shoe Thoughts

I like buying new running shoes.  I currently have about 4 pair, but really use two of them. I am a mild overpronator, not much though, and can wear neutral or stability shoes.  Because of my size (6'2" ish and 187 or so), I generally get a stability shoe.  Right now, my current favorite setup at home is a pair of Asics Gel Kayano 15, size 12.5.   Size 12.5 is kind of a funny size.  Most running stores stop carrying half sizes at size 12 so the choices are either a 12 or a 13.  I have tried 12s and 13s and never got it quite right.  So, I search out my 12.5 and have to leap if I see a pair I like in my size.  I also try to buy locally to support running stores, and I love the feeling of buying a pair and taking them for a ride.  Something about ordering shoes over the net is much less fulfilling.

At the gym right now, I keep a pair of Brooks Trance 7 to run with.  They are great, awesome, wonderful and my first pair of Brooks.  I love the way they fit and feel.  My Asics have given me some toe discomfort over the last several months, including blisters on the tips of my toes and a couple black toenails.  Of course, I have been running harder and faster in them, so it may not be the shoes.  But the Brooks just seem to fit right.  Alas, they are reaching the end of their days, and it is time for another shoe and another pair.

I tried Brooks because my last bestest favorite shoe was the Asics 2130 (in Orange/Black).  They were great and awesome too (liked them better than the Kayano, even.)  But at the end of their life I bought the successor to the 2130, the Asics 2140.  Although the press generally had them as the same shoe, they fit me differently and feel different.  The first several times I wore them I got enormous blisters on the inside of my heel and just didn't feel right.  That was the end of them.  If anyone wants a pair of slightly worn (30 miles?) 2140's size 12.5, let me know.  I will probably send them off to Shoe 4 Africa  (I save all my old shoes and send a box once a year or so.)

That led me to Brooks -- I got a good deal on the Trance 7, they looked cool, and felt good.  And have turned out to be great.  I can't wait to get the Trance 9, which just came out (but, alas, am having trouble finding it in 12.5).

One shoe I have been keeping an eye on and splurged on yesterday is the Nike Lunar Trainer.  They are totally different, and like no other shoe out there.  I tried them on at the running store, and they feel different.  And they have a curved last so you look down and it seems like your shoes are not on straight.   Nike has just discontinued them in favor of the Lunar Glider, and I tried that shoe on last weekend.  It had a high arch support and felt a little odd.  And I didn't like the way it looked.  I'll give that some time.  But I ordered a pair of the Lunar Trainers off the net at a steal of a price (and in 12.5 to boot), and should be here tomorrow.  I can't wait to see what they feel like and give the olds Brooks a rest.


  1. I too love running shoes. Who'da thunk it? I was using Mizuno's now I am in Asics. I may have to give Brooks a try. :)

  2. I'm not a girly girl with lots of shoes, but I do love me some running shoes! My boyfriend is a size 13/14 so he can never find running shoes either!
    I've actually never run in either asics nor brooks, but maybe the next shoes I get, I'll try the asics gel trainer 14s.
    Kudos to you for sending your shoes to charity! :) I should start doing that as well.

  3. Interesting what you say about Asics giving you problems with blisters and black toe nails. I have exactly the same problem with my Asics Gel Nimbus 10s when I go long in them. The beauty of Asics Gels though is the cushioning. When I wear my Nike Air Pegasus I don't get blisters, but the cushioning isn't as good, though acceptable. My trusty favourites are mizunos. Very light, good cushioning and no/very few blisters. I check out the Brooks shoes next time I'm buying as I'm hearing good reports about these

  4. i loooove the kayano 15s :)

  5. We have a similar shoe history. I loved the Asics 2130's, but the 2140's caused immediate foot pain and had to be returned. I also run in the Kayano's but have had many of those toe blisters and have lost 3 nails (all from the marathon). Maybe I'll give Brooks another try. I'm actually in a ladies size 10 Asics now because I went up another 1/2 size to avoid those toe issues.

    Ha--I had just purchased the FIRST program book (do you want it or do you already own it?) and read it--very intriguing--the week before my coaching class. Then I took my training class--which advocated the opposite approach. I was going to sell Run Faster, Run Less on e-bay or something. One think I noticed in the marathon program is you start at a base of 13 miles and have,what, 5 twenty-milers? That was a big thing in training. In one or two 20-milers, your body does not adapt to that distance. But with 3, 4, or 5, you can run strong up through 20 on race day. That may be the ONLY thing the two training plans have in common. I think I've got 4 20-milers scheduled.

    I look forward to seeing how it works for you. You are already really fast though!

  6. Between you and Frayed Laces I might just have to test out a pair of Brook's, I think ya'll got me sold! Yay for new shoes!

  7. The ONLY thing that is keeping me on track is putting myself out there. Haha, for me I need the accountability. If I think I have people watching me and expecting me to do well, then I will try harder. You guys inspire me to be the best I can be!

  8. It's tricky to find good shoes. I'm going to go get that whole gait analysis thing done soon and see what they say. I tried picking stuff out on my own and it ended badly, so no more guesses on my part... Good luck with the Lunar Trainers. Anxious to hear how they work.


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