Friday, July 24, 2009

Seven Traits

Tammy Runs WV tagged me to list seven traits about me.  Ok, here goes...

1.  I don't like eggs.  Can't stand them really.  Scrambled, poached, fried, hardboiled, etc.  The consistency seriously makes we gag.  I will eat eggs with additional flavoring added, like in an omelet or with salsa.  I love Migas.  But a big plate of scrambled eggs -- just the smell-- will make me wretch.

2.  I don't look like a runner.  I am big (6'2"or so) and carried extra weight around for a while.  But even at my heaviest, most out of shape, I could still run 9:00 minute miles or so.  I am the person that, in a race, someone says, I can't believe I got beat or passed by that guy.

3. On the other hand... I have fast friends.  My two best running friends are both really, really fast.  One runs sub 3:00 marathons over age of 40, and another runs around 3:10. Whenever I want a slice of humble pie, I think of them.

4.  I love running in Central Park, most of the time.  With traffic from cars, not so much, but I rarely run with cars int he Park, so I just love it.

5.  I don't really like "running" books.  I like books about training, etc., but the average book about the joys of running just don't get to me.  The joy derived from running is intensely personal, and it is hard to read about someone else trying to express it.  I have a hard time explaining it to others, but wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone was a runner?

6.  I love New York street food.  I haven't eaten at most of New York's fancy restaurants and I love them.  but recently (last several years) I have eaten more and more off street carts (I don't mean hot dog guys; I mean lunch time street carts).  Once I overcame my germ fears, and actually tasted the food, you can get a really tasty, unique, quality meal in just an amazing package.  I challenge anyone to eat food from Kwik Meal cart at 46th and 6th and not be blown away.

7.  My favorite sport is college football.  Love to watch it, and most fall Saturdays are devoted to it.  Michigan and the SEC are the Best.  I probably know more about the SEC than most people (even kids) in the city.  On a Saturday, count on me watching football.


  1. If you like Michigan, then you should really be a Mountaineer fan!! We will probably flat out stink this year now that Pat White is gone.

  2. #5 I completely agree. I love the training books, but don't like the memoirs/fiction as much. I have enjoyed reading a lot of running history lately though (about Pre, CU cross country, etc.).


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