Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have had a pretty bad training week. In fact, I haven't had a training week -- I haven't run since my Asheville dash. Travel, family, and work have all conspired to keep me chained to my desk and my running shoes on the shelf. And its hot out now. And it is August.

I am sure I have slipped some. But, after all, last week, over a 6 day period I ran like 50 miles. That is a lot of miles for me, and included the two longest runs I have done in years. Maybe that has sapped my will to get out and slog through the daily workouts. Maybe the FIRST program is just too intense for what I enjoy about running. I am not sure, but the net result is no runs for last 6 days.

I have been on this committed, dedicated mission since March to lose weight and get fit. I have largely succeeded. But letting my guard down, just a little, opens the door to the old ways. The non-running, bad eating ways.

I'll get through it, and I have to get back on track. But the idea of lacing them up and going out in Central Park in this heat/humidity really is a downer.

I'll get to the gym tonight and run the next three days, with a long run Saturday morning. And this "holiday" will be a blip on the schedule.

Something though, that always cheers me up:

Onwards from AKQA on Vimeo.


  1. That is an awesome video! The runner is spot on ... What is the music?

  2. Cute video! I love it.

    I like how you call it a blip. And that's exactly what it is. You are doing great!

  3. OMG Love the video! Thanks for sharing!!!

    50 miles! HOLY CRAP!

    I think a week hiatus won't kill ya too much... you'll be pounding the pavement again in no time!

  4. Great Video! 50 Miles that sound pretty intense to me. I understand th e problem of trying to find time with work and family to get out there. Sounds like you already have a plan to get right back into it.

    Thanks for leaving the comments on blog today. I felt better after reading it.

  5. You were down by my way last week, NC! Sometimes a break is needed to rest the body and mind. Sounds like you are ready to get back in to a routine and enjoy running. Hopefully, the heat and humidity won't be here much longer.

  6. You'll be fine...50 miles is great and you'll pick it up again. Like everyone has been telling me, breaks and time off aren't the WORST things that could happen to your body!

  7. As disappointed as I am to drop the FIRST plan, there's definitely something to be said for taking a step back, going easy, and enjoying the miles. Especially in this heat.

    Maybe that's what you need to get the motivation back up?

  8. I love that video. I watched it like 5 times in a row the first time someone sent it to me.


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