Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I was traveling again this week, and, on one level that makes training easier. I can get up, train and then be ready for the day, so long as the hotel has a treadmill. I laid out my running clothes before I packed, and my running socks (wadded up in a ball) were on top. Then I quickly packed, and away I went.

The next morning, after flying out the previous night, I woke and started to get dressed. No socks. Now I know what my 2 year old was clutching in her fist as I chased her the previous night. Hmmm. What to do now? Ditch the run? Run sockless?

Nah...I just wore the dress socks I had worn the night before. They were thin, and pretty close to the foot. I have seen my running socks, and it wasn't like they were magic or engineered by NASA or anything. So black dress socks on, went to the gym.

And you know what? Worked out fine.


  1. LOL! Good to know. Thanks for the product review. ;)

  2. Were you wearing shorts with those black socks? You exercised, that's what's important! You sure do travel a lot...I'm impressed you get the running in like you do. Well done!

  3. Thanks for the note! My legs are still pretty sore though, so I clearly paid for that time.

    And I have no choice but to run more miles now, because I'm not on the FIRST plan and am not doing as much speed work. Just one tempo and one long run, and the rest is easy base mileage. If I don't keep the mileage up I'm toast!

    I've been following your training, and it's awesome you've been able to stick with it without any injuries. You have a time goal in mind for the NYCM yet?

  4. I bet it looked stylish, too. :-)

    I'm glad the FIRST is still working. I enjoyed the report on the accidental 15-miler. It's good to have a run where everything falls into place. You didn't miss much in the TN/Florida game. Pretty much same as every year.... (coming from a Vols fan).


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