Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long Time Gone

Well, it has been a while since I posted. And also awhile since I have run. Work has simply consumed me since my last bad 20 miler. In fact, I didn't run for 10 days. I started a trial on October 12 and essentially worked around the clock for the week. And I didn't eat. A lack of sleep and food are not conducive to running, and coupled with the stress of a trial, forget it. Then, Friday night, after the trial was got sick again. So, I was up all night Friday night also. I think I slept a total of about 20 hours from Saturday to Saturday. On the plus side, the scale had me down to 176. Yikes...that is a loss of about 5 or 6 pounds in two weeks. Mostly water I know, but I also know it was lack of food too. (During trial, I get very tight and have no appetite.)

With the marathon coming up in two weeks I know I have to carbo load, not carbo deplete. So over the last several days, I have been eating like crazy. I am back on the road traveling this week, and finally ran in my hotel yesterday and today. My heart rate, though, was pretty high. Maybe it was the remnant of alcohol in me. Maybe my lack of training for last month or so. Maybe some of both. But not exactly a sign of strength heading into the big day. Oh well, I may have to adjust my time goal, and not push it for sure. After all, I have been working at this for 6 months. I am not injured (knock on wood) and should be tapering anyway. but the ten day holiday really made me lose my edge, that tightness in my legs, my body. I ran a fast 8 miles yesterday, just to do it. To prove to myself I could still push and do it. And my heart rate was high. Today I was sore, but ran a recovery run too (with another too high heart rate for the pace).

I know I am in taper mode. But I want to feel that "coiled spring" feeling inside me and be ready to go. I didn't feel it all all until today really. When I went for my run, I wanted to just jump on the treadmill and gooooooo. Before, rather than restless from the taper, I felt soft.

I still have 10 days to get in right mental mode. I am tough (I think) and will force myself there. But its not how I had it drawn up.

Note: I post these notes late at night, and can never get logger to spellcheck. Any secret tricks?


  1. Glad to have you back. Take a chill pill, go for a run and then go kill NYC for us! :)

  2. Funny how our mind and work gets us out of the game sometimes. But it sounds like your back and ready to rock NYC!

  3. Wow, a 10 day layoff is tough. What makes it even worse is that the stress keeping you from running was the same stress that would have been (at least somewhat) alleviated by running. But I don't have to tell you that...

    Good luck with the rest of the taper. Get some quality short runs in there so your body is still ready to work hard on the 1st.

  4. Sorry to hear that work got in the way of your FIRST training, but at least it's happening now when you should be resting anyway. Sounds like you got in some great workouts throughout the training cycle, including a handful of long runs at a good pace, so I have no doubt you'll kill it.

    Just get out there and loosen your legs up before next weekend. Good luck!

  5. Think of it as extra time for any nascent injuries to heal. The biggest downside to marathon training IMO is that it's all geared for an event that can be run (by most people) only twice a year, so so much depends on feeling right on that day. But your base is there and is what really determines your success. The "coiled spring" feeling is a great sign that you're ready to kick major tail on the course.

    Your post is actually quite encouraging to me - I only ran twice in the last 8 days to try to dissipate several nagging injuries, picking up a cold in the process, and I suffered similarly yesterday, but blamed it on injury. Rust can be shaken off, six months of training does not go away in 10 days.

  6. I feel your pain. Work always gets in the way of running! Anyway, I think if you stay loose with a few quick runs over the next week or so, you'll be ready!

    As for your question for me, it's really a tough issue to address because there's no universal symptom...besides, we have no clue how they people felt before they collapsed...if anything...

    I'll see if I can do some research and provide some more insight on the subject in a future post.


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