Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Off topic because of boring workouts

This week my runs have consisted of late night runs on my home treadmill. I run in the dark because the treadmill sucks up so much power, it can pop the circuit breaker it is on. Of course, on the same circuit, I have this 60 inch plasma TV that I watch when I run, so it is not entirely the treadmill's conspicuous consumption of energy that overloads the circuit, but it has been a couple weeks of runs on a treadmill, late at night, in the dark with the TV on. Not very exciting.

A couple of non-running thoughts, though. First, one of my favorite football players is Hines Ward. I love his back story -- disadvantaged childhood, great athletic success, played for Georgia, and now a great NFL player. There was a nice piece on him in last week's New York Times. One of his biggest skills is his downfield blocking. Wide receivers don't make the highlight reel for that, and some just don't do it (see Randy Moss). But Hines Ward always does it ruthlessly. Anyway one of my favorite pictures is from Super Bowl XL (50 -- wow, I remember Super Bowl XII). When he caught a touchdown pass, he leaped with joy into the end zone. Sports Illustrated had a camera right in front of him and took a great picture of his smile -- that is right his smile -- as he leaped into the end zone. Here it is:

Anyway, I watched a game with Pittsburgh init and he is just a really great player. And I hope that some day I can display as much emoiton and joy as he felt when he leapedinto the end zone on this play.

A more sobering note. I have been watching WWII in HD on the History Channel. I am kind of a military buff anyway, and this is right up my alley. But these images are humbling. And makes one realize the true sacrifice made by the Greatest Generation. If you get a chance, tune in, but be prepared. It will make an impression.

And I watched an episode of Intervention on A&E. Wow, what a gripping story. If youdon;t tear up during that, heart must made of lead.

What can I say excpet I watch random stuff when I run late at night? No football (yet), no basketball, hockey is hard to watch while running. After all, when I ran 14 on a treadmill this summer, I watched four episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond back to back.

I miss running outdoors and races. Next week is Thanksgiving and off to Florida!


  1. i dont know...i think it might be kinda cool to run inside, late at night, in the dark, but watching a big tv!!!

  2. Wow...14 miles on a treadmill? Now that is some dedication! At least you're able to catch up on your shows!

  3. I didn't know there was a WWII special! That is one of my favorite topics in history (what can I say, I was a history major!). I'll have to try and check it out! I don't know that I could ever go over 8 miles on a treadmill, that's my max so far, but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do!

  4. Yeah, I've known that about Hines...he's kind of known around the NFL for his blocking skills...he says on one interview that he actually enjoys a good block more than a good catch if the block will spring someone for a long gain...he's awesome, what can you say!

    14 miles on the treadmill is ALOT of tv time...haha...


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