Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Morning Runs

This post is about why I should run in the mornings. Not that I do that, but the reason why.

Last night I had it all planned out: after work a nice speed workout, on the treadmill at the gym, where I haven't been in about a month. A nice light lunch and snack to fuel the run. I had stepped on the scale post Thanksgiving and am about 5 pounds over my low weight from two months ago. Back into a workout as opposed to the nice runs I had in Florida over Thanksgiving.

And then about 5 p.m. I get an email from a partner: hockey tickets with a client, in a suite, at Madison Square Garden? I wanted to say no, I have to run. But I love hockey (one of these days I am going to write a post as to why I admire hockey players and hockey in general). And in a suite. With clients. Of course, I said yes.

So went to the game instead of running. And because of my light eating to prep for my run, I was starved when I got there? You know what they served in the suite? Caviar, champagne? No. Beer, pigs in a blanket, and barbecue chicken nuggets.

And the Rangers lost. Of course was a good time and all, but on the way home I thought to myself -- if I had run in the morning....I wouldn't have missed the workout and felt bad about eating 16 pigs in a blanket.

Oh well, that is life and really, pretty hard to complain. Things could be much, much worse and its all good.


  1. 1. This is exactly why I always run in the mornings myself... because there are just too many things that can pop up!

    2. Hockey is about the only sport that I truly watch. Love me some Hockey!

  2. That's why I workout in the mornings too now! Because when my 'workday' is said and done the last thing I want to do is pull into the gym and get my tired ass on that treadmill!

  3. I'm with Morgan...I love hockey too! Rangers always seem to let me down though...

    I have the same problem as you running in the mornings. I know I should, but it just never happens...

  4. oh, it is alright. you are not training for anything, take it easy on yourself, it is ok.

  5. I think there's a rule somewhere that you're excused from running as long as it is to watch the Rangers. Too bad they didn't win. And, yes, you're right about why it's better to run in the mornings and also how it's so tough to. I slept through my early alarm both yesterday and today and had to postpone my runs until later in the day. I've found that making plans to run with other people in the morning helps keep me honest.


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