Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back after Hiatus

I have not posted in a while because, well, I have not run in a while. That was the product of numerous things, but mainly holidays, life and weather. But today I volunteer at NYRR to hand out race packages for the race on Sunday -- in which I am running -- and thus fulfilling my volunteer requirement for the 2011 marathon. For those who do not recall, for this year's volunteer requirement, I snagged the lucky assignment of being in the park at 5:30 am on a freezing cold Sunday in November to clap for 6 hours. Today, by signing up early, I hand out race packages for three hours, inside.

Since last post much has happened:

1. I went to the Texas-Alabama National Championship Game in Pasadena. We all cheer for the Tide (despite my Texas heritage), so it was a great trip. I am no fan of Southern California (that is a whole separate post), but this was an awesome trip.  Ate great meals in beautiful weather with a perfect football game. Great.

2. Ran in Boston and nearly froze to death. That is another post in and of itself. But I ended up running 5 miles in 0 degree windchill in shorts and a shirt to find running socks. Like I said a crazy story, but I knew it was too cold when I went to open my hand and couldn't straighten my fingers. What was even crazier was that I had cold weather gear in my hotel room that I chose not to wear. Like I said, It all made sense at the time, but Brrrrrrrr.

3. I have added weight. Enough said, but I have to go back on a diet. Time for Marathon 2010 training to begin. And I am really not that far gone, given my November running and marathon training.

4. Work, Work, Work. lots of work and lots of work drama. Enough about that.

5. I bought a new pair of running shoes -- Asics Gel Kayano 16. Time to start anew, and new gear always helps.

6. I have missed all my bloggy friends. If you don't post for awhile, you come to realize that you have these great stories in my head ... to tell ... no one, really. My wife doesn't care, and if I don't just write them, they die with me. Like the Boston run. Not sure anyone would understand, but a funny story. After telling my wife an abbreviated version of fighting through the arctic blasts and polar freeze in running shorts and a technical running shirt, her reaction was "Um, that was stupid. When does your plane get in tomorrow?"

7. I admire everyone who fought through the winter and holidays in shape and continued training. Good for you!


  1. Oh how I have missed you! I was wondering when you'd make your comeback and grace us all with your presence again!!! I can't wait to hear the Boston story, don't keep us waiting!!!

  2. Glad to see your back! I look forward for you to elaborate on the Boston story.

  3. DO tell about Boston...yes, it's been cold around here. And I am also curious about the AK16's. I have the 15's and like them, although I feel that I carry a lot of weight in the hill, which I don't need since I am a forefoot striker...Welcome back!

  4. Glad you are back!

    And yes, I'm glad I endured the winder in Austin. Lol, I'm kidding, of course

  5. Shorts and a tee with a 0 wind chill?! That's craziness. I ran with gloves on in 20something degree weather and thought my left hand was going to fall off when I got in the house! Welcome back!

  6. Glad you're back! It's always the stories that make us want to run and to come back! So do tell - What happened in Boston? Haha!

  7. #6 is the key, no? Concentrate the crazy talk and give it to those who appreciate it!

    Glad you're back!

  8. Welcome back. Good luck with getting back into the swing of things.

  9. After reading your story about running in freezing temps for some running socks, the next time I hear about some crazy runner in shorts in the freezing temps, I'll have to wonder if there's a perfectly good reason after all! ; )


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