Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Starting Up the Machine

It is a weird feeling coming off 2 months of sloth that were preceded by 9 months of exercise and diet. Last year about this time, I read a motivational article that said the three most dangerous words for an older athlete are "I used to..." And I understood. It is difficult to compare then and now. We only live in the now. The conclusion of the the article was not to say "I used to" but to say "I can..." To focus on the positive, and embrace what we are able to do now rather than in past times.

That thought occurred to me last night at the gym. It was not a terribly good workout, and I am sure that my heart rate data will depress me when I compare it to last fall. But, I was able to run 5 miles relatively easily at a relatively decent pace. And that was coming off a brief illness over the weekend and the aforementioned holiday sloth.

So rather than say "Wow, I used to be able to soooo much better than that" I actually felt good by saying to myself "I can run five miles at an 8:00 minute pace." And I am 42, with two young kids and a demanding job. Life, all in all can be pretty good if we look at what we can do and appreciate it.

Marathon 2010 training has begun. I enter this campaign coming off a year of running (sans two months of sloth). 30 pounds lighter, and I have begun training 6 weeks earlier. Yes, I need to drop some weight to get back to my fighting weight from last fall. And run to get back in shape and feel "tight."

But, I know I can do it.


  1. Greetings NY Wolf,
    I love the third paragraph of your post! Nicely said, I think that I should start thinking that way too! Cheers to marathon training:) You have a wonderful attitude and soulful philosophy! Good luck to you...I look forward to reading more of your running journey:)

  2. which marathon? NY? i cant remember now if you ever said...i am anxiously awaiting to find out if i get in on the lottery again this year..if not, i will have to pick SOMETHING!!!


  3. You got this. You know you can do it. :)

  4. Which marathon is it going to be?

    Got your note about the treadmill. I've got limited cable selection in my gym, and it's generally CNN, Access Hollywood, or some VH1/MTV reality TV.

    Last weekend I passed on all three and just read my Kindle on the treadmill.

  5. Great job at staying positive. I am always amazed how slow I am after taking a break from running. But, the muscles do have memory!

  6. I really like your post today! I have a few friends who don't want to run anymore nor compete because they are "afraid" they won't be able to do what they "used" to do. That fear just seems to keep them down. I love it that you are accepting what you can do now, that's so healthy and you are probably going to bouce back quicker with that attitude! It's hard with work, kids, wife, etc. but you'll make it!

  7. I always say the "I used to", I definitely need to get away from that!

    And I totally agree with from a plant vs. in a plant. Can't go wrong there!

  8. Great post. I need the reminder to not worry about what "I used to" do but focus on what I can do.
    Good luck with training and keep staying positive!

  9. good attitude and you are already ahead of where you were last year. i have a feeling 2010 will be a good year for you

  10. As Kipling never put it, "If you are beaten by youngsters running at was once your easy-run pace and still go to a starting line, you will be a Runner, my son!"


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