Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NY Marathon Help

I have a request for others who are entered in MY Marathon. In sum, I have a guaranteed entry because I ran in 9 club races and volunteered in one. The NYRR website says that people with guaranteed entry will receive an email with application instructions in January 2010.

I never received that email. The website says if you don't receive the email, apply with everyone else and send an email. I did that. And I sent 5 increasingly desperate email over 5 weeks. No reply. Finally, I received an email that said, literally, "You are accepted." On the marathon website, my application status says "Marathon registration status: accepted." But, does that mean my application is accepted and I am in the lottery? Or, am I "Accepted" and in the marathon? I emailed NYRR again, and got an equally succinct answer: "You are in." Ok, I am breathing easier. I have received no email confirmation from anyone confirming my acceptance.

But still. I am nervous, honestly, given the brevity of the answers and the many, many times I have to ask. And I paid the higher non-NYRR entry fee. I have asked several times (7 actually) about having that $45 cost difference applied to an extension of my NYRR membership for another year. No response.

So for all hopeful NY marathoners out there, what is your marathon application status? For others with a guaranteed entry... what is your status? Has anyone received a confirming email saying "Congratulations!" or anything like that?


  1. Oh I feel for you with that uncertainty. What a pain. Sorry I am no help as I never got in the lottery. Hope this all turns out well for you!

  2. Just print out and take a copy of the emails that say you are in! That might help when picking up your packet.

  3. Hi NY Wolve,
    Bummer about the not really knowing for sure. I would say that it does sound like you are in and therefore cleared to run:) I agree with Monica...make sure you keep the e-mail confirmation and take it with you! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Hi Wolve

    I was look in at the pictures from your previous blog and what a difference a year or two can make. Even if you are not being competitive as a runner, which you most certainly are, the calorie burn alone is enough to keep you going.

    I have a before and after myself (215 pds to my current 152).

    Best of luck with your training for November. I actually am fortunate enough to have a qualifying time, but it is probably going to be next year or the year after for me.

  5. This is so FUNNY! I had the exact same question. My status says accepted. I emailed them and two weeks later received the answer, "You're in." Then, a day later, my credit card was charged but I never received anything official! Keep us posted.

  6. Okay I just signed in to my profile for the NY Marathon and my status says "In Lottery" so I think you are in! Congrats! I'm jealous :)

  7. I just went on the site and it said "in lottery". My friend told me the other week that we won't know for sure until the first week of April? (!!)

  8. You're in. With guaranteed entry it says "Accepted", otherwise it says "In Lottery" as others are saying. (Mine says Accepted like yours.)

    This is from their website:
    f you meet the above requirements, special instructions will be sent in January. If you don't receive the instructions by the end of January, apply with the application after January 25, 2010. After you apply, your profile login status should change to ACCEPTED. If it says anything else, please contact and let us know.

    As for them responding to email, I'm sure they're swamped now. I renewed my membership with the application, but I know it will be months before I get a card or number.

  9. Dude...don't're in! If they say you're accepted, you're good to go. No need to worry!

  10. wish I knew, but it sounds like you're in.

    Mine says I'm in the lottery, and I have a code to input when the day comes to see if I'm in or not. fingers crossed!

  11. I'm out of town so I can't see exactly what the email I recieved said. I'll check when I get home, but I think it said that I was accepted but it wasn't like a big congratulations letter. Sounds to me like you are in. I hope we get to meet in person!

  12. It sounds like you are in the clear, but like the others said check your e-mail. My status says in the I've got some time before I find out if I'm in or not.


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