Monday, March 8, 2010

Sun and Ice

Finally! Last weekend was the breakthrough -- as of last Friday, all weekend was set to be sunny and relatively nice (high 40s). Thursday night was another late night treadmill session, which honestly went great; reading everyone's posts and comments made me reflect a little and lighten up. I was planning that great Saturday morning run, and I wanted to run a little longer than I had been. 8 to 9 miles was on tap. I live close to a pathway along a river (now a stream really), that is quite scenic, relatively flat and a good place to run and walk. (My older daughter learned to ride a bike there, actually.) I thought I would get up and gooooo!

Saturday morning came and I went outside to get the paper. Sun! But, uhhhh, it really wasn't that warm. I checked the weather: 30 degrees. Eh, whatever, I just dressed warmly and headed out.

I felt great. I have posted splits below, but I ended up going 8.1 in 1:04, for a 7:54 pace.The strange thing was the path was not completely thawed out. Various stretches still had ice and snow on them. And because we have been thawing and freezing, it was like this pockmarked, crunchy snow ice mixture with frozen footsteps. I wasn't worried I would slip so much as I would twist an ankle. But made for some slow going, so the pace was even better.

Of course, given the great run, I felt absolutely entitled to enjoy myself cooking for company Saturday night. At my wife's request, I made an old recipe I know for Potatoes Gruyère. Contents: potatoes, spice, 3 cups of heavy cream and 3/4 pounds of cheese, shredded. Every time I have made these potatoes I haven't even bothered to look at the calories involved; ignorance is bliss. Saturday, I peeked at the heavy cream. 3 cups equals 1.5 pints, by the way. One pint heavy cream: 60 calories per serving, with 32 serving per pint. So the cream accounted for over 2700 calories, before adding the cheese and potatoes. Definitely not low cal. They tasted divine though. So either that or the 16 bottles of wine that night really sunk the diet this weekend.

But it felt great to be back outside. This weekend: a race, the NYRR 8000 meters (about 4.95 miles). That race was the first race I ran last winter that kicked me back into gear. I'll post before and and after pictures to prove what a difference a year makes.

UPDATE:  the promised splits (more for posterity):

Distance    Split time    Pace vs avg.    Elev. chg.    Time

1.00    7:12    -00:48.60    -75    0:07:12
2.00    7:50    -00:09.96    +10    0:15:03
3.00    7:53    -00:07.61    +13    0:22:57
3.97    7:58    00:12.94    +0    0:30:53
4.97    8:47    00:46.43    -1    0:39:40
5.97    7:45    -00:14.64    -8    0:47:26
6.97    8:02    00:01.96    -15    0:55:29
7.97    8:24    00:24.04    +77    1:03:53
7.99    0:10    01:50.49    0    1:04:04
8.01    0:06    -03:25.79    -1    1:04:11


  1. Congrats on a great run! and YAY for spring! I'm running my first race of the season next Saturday too...I'll be praying for good weather for us :)

  2. Those potatoes sound YUMMY. So do the 16 bottles of wine! :)

    Sounds like you had a fabulous run! What a great feeling. I wanted to cry Saturday morning - it was 50 and overcast here. I can't belive I was stuck not running. No fun.

    Hope you have a great race this weekend!

    P.S. Thank you. So much. You know why! Truly appreciated.

  3. Hi NY Wolve,
    Woo hoo!! I love a good had some nice splits:) Spring is finally showing its face!! It sounds like you had a nice weekend:) I am looking forward to your race recap and pictures! Happy Monday:)

  4. Nice workout run, and glad to hear that everyone seems to be reaping some nice weather.

    Good luck on the upcoming race.

  5. WOW!! 8 miles at a 7:54 pace!! I couldn't even ride a bike downhill that fast!! WTG!!

  6. The potatoes sound awesome! I would ignore the calories too and why not top it off with 16 bottles of wine? I see no issues.

  7. Welcome Vitamin D!!!! Awesome run there, way to knock that one out!! Good luck on the race this weekend, can't wait to hear about it!

  8. The weather this weekend (and today, and tomorrow!) was glorious. I hope it isn't a tease!

  9. Isn't it wonderful that things are thawing? The end is in sight! Nice run, even with the unsure footing. The taters sound divine!

  10. Its always nice to get outside for a run. A bottle of wine here and there is good for you!

  11. Yay for the sun! Ya'll deserve it and I am so happy you can bask in its glory once again!

    Looking forward to hearing how the race goes!

  12. You're so right...the weather definitely had an effect on running and racing! Can't believe spring is finally here! Makes me want to run outside everyday...haha!

  13. Nice splits! I think I am going to completely ignore your little recipe would do me in!

  14. Hey nice run! And those potatoes sound awesome. Ignorance is bliss when cooking with cream and butter. I make these whoopi pies (a recipe from the grandma), and wow there's like 3 sticks of butter in them. Ew. But yes, they are incredible...

  15. great to hear you made it outside for a run! And those potatos sound killer, I think I might have to steal your idea for a side dish for Easter!

  16. Good to hear that you enjoyed a nice run outside. Great splits. Have fun at your race this coming weekend!

  17. The potatoes sound delicious - and a good recover meal. Nice run!

  18. Awesome run! Spring is here (at least until Sat). I love the potatoes. Make them often before a long run!


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