Friday, May 14, 2010

Pre-race thoughts

Tomorrow is the Healthy Kidney 10K.  It is going to be a logistical nightmare.  A morning race, soccer practice, lunch with college friends, lacrosse game, some work, then a cocktail party and a benefit dinner.  All balanced around a two year old with a nap thrown in there.  A delicate dance for sure, and I only hope it doesn't rain.  It is finally spring and nice out, and we are so close to summer.

Last week as I dropped my daughter off for lacrosse practice at our school, I saw the high school girls track team running 400s with the coach. They looked so strong and dedicated and I was very, very impressed.  Here they are running, training with an interval workout on a Saturday. Of course, for a school with 100 kids in a graduating class, the track team (and the girls track team in particular) is phenomenal.  Now I know why.  I once saw a high school football saying "Discipline. Dedication. Defense."  (I am going to write about it soon.) And that exemplified dedication to me.

For the race, I have no idea what pace to aim for.  Given the 7:02 pace 10K I ran in December (and 7:21 pace 15K from six weeks ago), but then accounting for the recent 5 week layoff and injury, I have no idea what my time goal is.  Earlier today I thought I would just aim for 7:45 miles and be happy.  And then I thought, no, I ran this race last year; I will compare myself to that.  I looked up my race report for that race, and found out I ran 7:33 miles.  Hmmmm.  That makes a 7:45/mile time goal look sort of wimpy.

I have now run three times this week -- all on a treadmill and all in my New Balance 905's.  I saw Outside Magazine's "Gear" Issue, and on the cover are my new New Balance Shoes.  Sweet, so I buy the magazine.  The write up for the 905s said it was made for "whippet thin" runners who are speedsters and don't need any padding. Of the many things I have been called in my life "whippet thin" is not one of them.  But, as a result of my injury induced shoe switch, I don't have any other shoes sufficiently broken in in which to run a road race.  I have ditched the Gel Kayanos for now, and have never run in my new Sauconys.    So, I will do my best whippet imitation tomorrow in my neon yellow shoes.

The workouts have gone smoothly for my feet.  I have a lingering issue involving my left big toe (the opposite foot of the maybe stress fracture), but that injury has been with me a long time.  It is discomfort and goes away as I run; I actually feel it more in the mornings than during a run. (Playing Google doctor, I suspect  the injury is an arthritic condition in the sesamoid bone and joints.  It doesn't really go away with rest, and the most painful position is in push up position or doing a plank. I have had it for years (as far back as first marathon training), and it just does not get better with rest or no running.  It is not debilitating and just "one of those things" we all deal with.)  Anyway, my right foot has been fine.  In particular, the top of my first metatarsal (the situs of the potential stress fracture) has felt no pain at all post run.  In other words, so far, so good.  Heart rates have been a little high, but nothing unexpected after a layoff.

So, all of this leads me to goal setting for tomorrow.  My final answer: 7:30 miles, a 60 age graded time and no foot pain.

UPDATE:  Yes, I tweaked my blog settings and layout.  Just got tired of looking at the old one and thought to celebrate Spring I would try something new.  I didn't put much thought into the new layout yet, just clicked some buttons and Presto -- a new look!  The Header picture (as poorly done as it is right now) is Billy Mills, whose story never ceases to inspire me.  This link is to a motivational speech he gave -- it is just great.


  1. Hurray, racing already! Awesome! The adrenaline will keep you going for the day! Good luck!

  2. Good luck on your race. I hope it's what you want it to be regarding the outcome. I like your new picture at the top of you blog.

  3. I like the new look! Good luck on your race--just take it nice and easy. I'll have to read the Billy Mills speech.

  4. Nice layout, love the picture. I also really enjoy watching the track team run while I'm coaching lacrosse. It's so inspirational! Sometimes I pretend I'm a track runner while I'm out there, though I know I'll never be that fast. Kick ass tomorrow in your race! I think your pace goal is a good one.

  5. You've certainly given this race and your pace plenty of thought. Go out there, have fun and see what you can do! : )

  6. Good luck in your race! And it sounds like you've got a full day after - so don't go too crazy! Here's to no foot pain.

    Your blog looks great. I love the layout/picture!

  7. Go, go, go tomorrow! for all of it! but especially your race. and what an interesting yet fun race it will be...very curious to hear how it goes.

    and all the other things tomorrow sound just as fun too! embrace it.

    and I like the header pic too.

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours! Hope your race went well!!

  9. I know the parents of a number of the B'ville girls, and their success amazes us all. I ran last week with Dave W., whose daughter is in 6th grade. He said, and I think he's right, that there is a tradition that gets handed down within the school. So the freshmen are taken under the wings of the seniors, who were taken care of when they were in school (including in 7th and 8th grade). Add a coach that everyone loves plus kids with fast parents and it works.

  10. Man that sounds like a busy day! I hope the race turned out the way you wanted, particularly after the reasonable assessment of your feet, your shoes and your running.:) I love the new header and the Billy's speech. I think I may have to use parts of that speech during my training or at my next marathon("philosophy of life", "giving a complete type effort" and "one more lap"). Thanks for sharing the link and have a great week!


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