Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Commitment

Well, my last "I am back" post lasted about two weeks. Not only did I not stick too it, I slid back further. Life has a funny way of catching up to you in holiday times, and my holidays are super busy with work commitments, kids things, etc. oh, and a preposterously cold December made going outside just not an option. But, after backsliding, I am back in the saddle.

I have missed running, and even thinking about running. I miss the planning of the workouts, that extra spring in my step knowing I am going to have a good workout or a hard one. I miss reading Runners World and all the blogs I follow. But if you aren't running, reading and thinking about running are depressing, so pardon my absence.

Since it is the New Year, my goals for the Year:

1. Run New York Marathon in 2011. I have a guaranteed entry, so the hardest part is done. But to really run it, I have to lose weight, get back to training. I know I can -- after all two years ago, I started on March 17, lost 40 pounds and still ran it. I am lighter than I was then, and starting 10 weeks earlier.

2. Beat my 2009 time of 3:42 in said marathon. I used to have a super secret goal of qualifying for Boston. not this year. I just want to run, have a 3:30 something, and not get hurt. BQ is for next year when I hit age 45 and get an extra ten minutes.

3. Lift more weights. I resolve this every year and fail. But I think this will help the injury bug I have developed and also help with my weight swings.

4. Run more NYRR races. I ran 2 last year, I think. I didn't feel fit so I avoided them. but they are fun and rewards for training.

5. Remain involved. It is one way to motivate me and keep me going, thinking about running. There will be life interruptions, I know (we are moving in 2 months, for example), but running as a source of stress relief and general healthiness should not go away.

Happy New Year to you and good luck with your goals, even if they are super secret ones that you admit only to yourself.

I love Peter Saville and this is an old New Years card he created for Yoshi Yamamoto:


  1. Welcome back! All sound like achievable goals, which means 2011 will be a good one for you.

  2. Happy new year and welcome back. Best of luck in achieving your targets in 2011

  3. Happy New Year! All great goals--I look forward to meeting you in NYC in November--we'll both be in top running form. One's gotta be positive right?

  4. OOohh a move?! That is stressful and a lot of work! Out of the city or to another area? Either way, I hope it goes smoothly. Yikes about your 2 year old and her bloody nose! And on the airplane none the less! Sometimes I really don't know that I ever want to have kids ;o)

  5. love your goals. You are so right about the NYCM - getting in is almost the hardest part about it! Hopefully I'll see you at some of the races this year!

    (btw, my new pic is looking downtown along the West Side Hwy. Not the usual view of NYC, you're right)

  6. Glad to see you back at it! Good luck in 2011- you can do it!

  7. Good to see you back blogging and running. I'd wondered what had happened there. All the best with your running in 2011 (including breaking that PB in New York).


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