Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I woke up Sunday determined to get outside for a run.  I had been inside on a treadmill most of the week and Sunday promised to be sunny and no rain or ice.  I assumed it would be chilly, even though this week has been mild by NY winter standards.  By "chilly"  I was thinking 40 degrees or so.  I bundled up, wore two shirts, a pair of running sweatpants from Target over my shorts and stepped out side.  And, whoa, it was cold.  Like really cold.  I looked for my running gloves; couldn't find them. So, I improvised and used a pair of work gloves I bought at Home Depot to help out around the house.  And off I went.

And, boy, was it cold.  Maybe I am just a wuss and don't remember it being so cold and hard to run in the cold.  Maybe I have never really run much in the cold (I prefer the treadmill in winter, when I run at all).  I ran a hard five miles and thought, you know what? at least running in the summer, with the heat and sweat, I feel like I burned more calories and had a tough workout.  In winter, it just feels like survival and trying to avoid frostbite or sweatcicles.  Came inside, and as I showered, I felt my body tingle as the blood worked its way back out to skin.

And then I looked at the temp: 22 degrees.  Oh, ok, so it wasn't "chilly" -- it was downright cold. For those of you who routinely run in frigid climes, my hat is off to you.  I suppose I should have bundled up more.  But, sheesh, it was still hard.

And the Home Depot running gloves worked out just fine, too.

Then I saw The Descendants Sunday night.  Hawaii sure looked warm.


  1. Good for you for getting out there. It's so interesting to see how much variance there is in cold tolerance among runners. I'd take 22 over 80 any day.

  2. Great job for getting out there. I ran one time in 19 degree weather with it snowing and it was no fun! So congrats to you!

  3. I guess it's like anything else, you get used to it. Normally, 20 is my favorite temperature to run. This winter has been so mild that now the cold weather we are getting seems unbearable. I haven't acclimated and am shivering at 20. I hope that you are right about Hawaii! I'm going to find out this weekend! I think it might be warm AND wet.

  4. yes, having warm gloves and a hat/ear warmer makes all the difference for me!


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