Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 12 miler

As part of my Father's Day, I got a free morning pass to run long.  It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed getting out.  This time, though, rather than turn around at 4.5 miles, I decided to stretch out further, and ended up turning around at 6 miles (after some wandering and getting slightly lost because the trail ended at 5.5 miles).    I had been reading a lot from McMillan and his training paces, and desired to keep my training pace in accord with his suggested pace of Marathon pace +45.  For me, that would be approximately 8:45 miles.  It didn't turn out that way.  I ended up way too fast -- averaging 8:20.  I was monitoring my pace and consciously trying to slow down, but just sort of went with that comfortable long run groove.  Took about 12 oz of water in my Loksaks and 2 Gu chocolate gels. (ate one around mile 5.) I even managed to negative split the run thanks to a 7:50 mile 11.

Garmy worked great for this run, by the way, and I take back all the bad things I said about him.  I couldn't really get good meaningful heart rate data because my HR monitor was giving me crazy numbers -- as in north of 200 bpm for long stretches.  One thing I have learned is that I have to wash my heart rate strap to get good data.  I don't know why an unwashed strap affects the measurements, but it really does; maybe washing flushes salts and grime out of the sensors that interfere with the electrical readings.   

And then back home to a very nice and relaxing Father's Day.  We are still in school, and my older daughter has a big test today (Monday) so we spent the bulk of the afternoon and evening working on her test.  And then she is off to camp in six days.  Wow, the "summer" goes quickly.

I had planned on running the Fairfield Half Marathon on Sunday June 24 (signed up and paid even!), but I have been pressed into kid watching duty while my better half does camp drop off.  Alas, it is not the first time family obligations have gotten in the way of racing, and that is the breaks.


  1. family obligations....will do that to me as well your case now it is frustrating because you were all set to run the race....

    Hockey playoff time was great here for a change!
    the first year my boys showed interest in the game..,finaly..their Canadian blood is showing!!

  2. It is sometimes tough, but I always put family first. Nevertheless, I let my wife and kids know well in advance of my key races for the year to manage our time. It's the daily training that I find more difficult to keep in balance.

  3. Good long run and pace. I know 8 minute miles is around 5 minute ks, so 8:20s is quick. With the erratic HR traces, I cured mine immediately with electrode cream - Buh Bump - there are others available.

  4. Interesting you have to clean your HR monitor. I wear mine everyday, and it works fine (except when I have to replace the battery) and I've never cleaned it.

    Nice pace for your long run.


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