Friday, June 1, 2012

Running in LA

After Memorial Day I had a week long business trip to Los Angeles. Travelling to LA is never my favorite trip -- its a long way away, I stay downtown, which isn't exactly glamorous, I don't have car, and my world is kind of the office, a hotel, and the restaurants I can walk to. This time I stayed at LA Live, which is a world unto itself, on south edge of downtown (it is where Staples Center is). Several restaurants, but all chains without a lot of personality. Nice restaurant chains, but sort of unmemorable in big scheme of things. Nothing with a lot of personality. Anyways, the hotel I was in had a nice gym. Working in California can be exhausting. First, my body is still on East Coast time, as is my office. SO I wake up about 5 local time, work for awhile (the office is up and running) and then after about 4 hours, start my California business and work a California day, which can end at 6 local time. Dinner afterwards and then to bed, late for me. And then flying home takes all day. It really isn't a relaxing trip. One thing I tried to do on this trip was to run before my California day started. Thus, wake up, deal with first barrage of east coast email and calls, and then workout before the California day started. And it actually worked great. I get why people like to work out in the morning. I didn't have to plan my day around running at the end. I felt awake alive, and smiling all day. It is just that, well, the California time allowed me that window between waking up and starting work -- a window I just dont have in real life in New York. But I am going to work on it more this summer. I really need to do that. Anyways, running in LA sounds glamorous, but a treadmill is a treadmill. I have run on treadmills in downtown Detroit, in Hampton Inns on the side of highways, in my garage and at my gym. I rarely write about them because, well, there isn't a lot to say. One thing I am going to do is to increase the incline. I have an idea that it will help my running form and induce a forward lean. That is one of my running problems -- I am very straight up, and for someone like me that is a big problem. A little forward lean can really help. The switch to morning run, though, that will be an interesting topic. I have tentatively set the switch date for July 4. We will see how that goes...


  1. Glad you made it work for you. Treadmills are awful, but sometimes it's as good as it gets. Enjoy your return home!

  2. Good luck with the switch. Funny, last time I regularly ran mornings was during the US holiday last year - although not ridiculously early - 7am or so. Managed OK but I'm back to afternoon running. Feel much looser and awake in the afternoons and less prone to injury.

  3. Yes, running first thing in the a.m. can really help with almost any kind of jet lag!

  4. Sure is tough to run on the road. Not much to do but the treadmill in downtown LA. I've got family in Huntington Beach - I run the path out there every chance I can - it's wonderful!

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