Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Running Coach

For those new to my blog and world, i have never had a running coach, or a running team or any formal training, mentoring or monitoring.  I do what I think is right based on how I feel, and what I read.  And that has served me pretty well.  At least until I get hurt, and have to sit out for awhile.  But, after trying the "lets just do a lot of what I do and I will get better" approach in golf this year -- which was a miserable failure -- I decided to work with someone on running basics.  I don't need workouts and training so much as someone to say yes that right, no that isn't, here work on this, keep this mental image in mind.

So i met with a coach last night.  I genuinely enjoyed it.  The good news is that I am not doing anything radically wrong, in his opinion.  I feared I was over-striding, but he didn't think so.  My arms need work, my knees need to come up more, and I am "carrying some weight in the midsection" that isn't helpful.  (Politest way I have ever heard that I need to drop a few!).

It was about stretching, loosening up to promote flexibility.  Strides.  Speed drills.  Arm position and drive. All of which I can work on and intend to in the coming months.  Also I am working on the "midsection" girth issue.  Was it life changing?  No.  Was it helpful? Absolutely.  I was also just have someone to talk to about running, my theories, my form, my training.

My wife is not interested in my coach, etc. or much about running (not that I blame her much)...

I intend to meet with him once very several weeks over the next couple months to evaluate progress, pointers, etc.

And it was a gorgeous night in Central Park. Easy to lose perspective with the sun setting over the Reservoir in 80 degree weather on a summer night in Central park.


  1. When I first started seriously training I didn't get why people had running coaches; you just run! But then I joined a group and the leaders were certified coaches and they started to help me with my marathon training and by the end of that cycle, I 'got' it. Running is just running, but if you want more out of it, it helps to consult someone that is knowledgeable on the subject and can help you address issues that might be hindering your ability to maximize your performance. I'm glad the experience was a good one.

    Also, for what it's worth, if you want to nerd out about running, you always have this blog! ;)

  2. That's really awesome that you sought him out to do that. I have gotten advice from the running coaches at the school (perks of being a teacher and coach!) and it has certainly served me well.

  3. Good idea. Nothing like having a coach watch you and give feedback.

    Sounds beautiful around the reservoir. Dusty I bet, with so many out enjoying perfect conditions.


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