Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Marathon Race Report

This race report is more or less to preserve the memory.  I really did not particularly enjoy this run.  Of course, the dominant theme and topic of the day was the weather. Or, more precisely, the wind.  Specifically, the temperature was about 40 degrees, but the wind was 20 mph or so out of NNW -- most of our miles would be run with the wind hitting us at about 10 o'clock, with a wind chill in the 20s.  That was hard.

It also called for a pre race change of plans.  The old maxim is not to try anything new on marathon day.  Well, I broke that in spades.  First, I ditched my traditional baseball style running hat for a stocking cap I bought at the expo.  Much warmer on the ears.  Second, rather than run in a short sleeve shirt with arm warmers, I chose to wear a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt.  And rather than wear tights, I wore calf sleeves.  So that I could shed layers, I bought a race belt to hold my number.

That was the plan, anyway. The wind was so fierce that it literally whipped my race number like a flag as I was getting ready to run.  So, while waiting for the gun to go off, I pinned my  number to my outer shirt (long sleeved orange Boorks thermal shirt.)  That actually was not the shirt I had planned on wearing.  When I woke up, I realized the black long sleeved shirt I had planned on wearing was too small. Thankfully, I had bought the Brooks shirt some time ago (I don't even remember buying it...).  It was brand new.  And in right place in my closet.  I grabbed it and fit great.

In mile 1, going up the bridge...the wind!  Wow...maybe 40-50 mph gusts.  And immediately one opf the pins holding my number popped out, leaving it pinned in 3 places, with the missing corner being into the wind.  That was bad, and I was afraid the whole thing might fly off.  But it didn't, thankfully.

Miles 1-6 I don't have much to say.  A good cruise, felt good, didn't feel bad, trying to save pace.  I was going too fast.  My goal was 8:20 miles to pull in just under 3:40.  Heart rate a little elevated, but not crazy bad.

Mile 8 I was looking for a friend, and the crowds were everywhere, on both sides.  I read all the signs because that is how I was going to find him!  I didn't though, but was a pleasant diversion for a couple of miles.  Running through Brooklyn was fun, not much to say.

Mile 13 bridge (Pulaski skyway), began to get hard.  Not crazy hard, but like, ...this might be a tough day.  And I slowed down.  The wind really wasn't bad in Brooklyn.  But I also noticed my right glute and hamstring were super tight.  Not good.  But I was looking forward to the Queensboro bridge and First Avenue.

I forgot how lonnnnnng the Queensboro bridge is.  It took forever.  And I really wasn't feeling good... but coming into the city at mile 16 I felt...Ok.  Not great.  Roughly on pace.

First Avenue seemed... subdued.  I don't know, maybe I expected more, but wasn't the crazy zoo I remembered or expected.
I met the family at 17.3 or so....that was great.  I handed off my pink hat, my chapsticks and away I went.  A gel at mile 18, and I decided I was going to make it to the Willis Avenue bridge ...which seemed like it was in Massachusetts it was so far up the road.  And the wind got brutal on First Avenue.  Like 40 mph, and just hit me like a ton of bricks.  This was, by far my hardest strecth. My right leg hurt. The wind was crazy.  I was nauseous.  This sucked.  I took a walk break about mile 18.5 or so.  Ugh...first crack.

I did run all the way up and over the Willis Avenue bridge.  I was taking period walk breaks, trying to stretch out the hamstring.  I guess I was successful, but sheesh, it felt bad.  iknew 3:40 was long gone...now I was hoping to crack 4:00.  I had to do that...

I walked/ran through Harlem and Fifth Avenue into the park.  Supposed to meet up with family again around the obelisk and wanted to seem strong for them.  But they weren't there... but that's ok, there is like 2miles left.  I am going to make 4 hours...now I want sub 3:50.  I had no idea how close I was, really.  I was just trying to keep going.

Around mile 25 coming out of the park, at Fifth Ave in front of Plaza I just had to walk.  A runner from Harlan County Striders, patted me on back and gave a thumbs up.  Thanks, it helped!  I ran up Central Park SOuth and then got a hellacious cramp about 7th Ave.  Not incapacitating like 5 years ago (at almost the exact same spot!), but enough I had to stop and hobble some.  When I realized I wasn't going to be forced to stop, I started up again and was real real, close.   Ran it out to the finish...3:50:25.  Ate my power bar and the apple in the bag ASAP.

All things considered, a decent time.  The wind was crazy bad.  I was completely spent.  Shaking, quivering, dazed.  At lunch after (Jackson Hole), I really couldn't eat.  Had a milkshake and some fries.  I could not warm up, stop shaking or eat much.

Post my reflections and lessons later...but a memorable day.  Not an enjoyable one.

MILE Time  Pace HR Cadence
1 08:33.5 8:34 144 176
2 07:31.9 7:32 150 180
3 08:08.7 8:09 155 175
4 07:59.2 7:59 156 175
5 08:11.4 8:11 157 174
6 08:03.5 8:03 157 175
7 08:04.5 8:05 160 174
8 08:04.7 8:05 163 175
9 08:08.6 8:09 164 175
10 08:04.9 8:05 161 176
11 08:20.7 8:21 162 174
12 09:37.1 9:37 155 151
13 08:19.0 8:19 163 174
14 08:02.4 8:02 167 175
15 08:35.6 8:36 169 174
16 08:56.1 8:56 169 172
17 08:32.9 8:33 167 172
18 08:46.6 8:47 167 174
19 09:18.4 9:18 166 167
20 08:38.9 8:39 169 173
21 09:37.4 9:37 167 162
22 10:00.4 10:00 161 160
23 09:27.5 9:27 164 165
24 10:35.9 10:36 160 155
25 09:55.0 9:55 161 159
26 10:06.8 10:07 160 159
27 02:49.9 8:07 171 173
 Summary 50:31.5 8:45 162 169


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  1. Wow, tough day! Your report really describes how bad the wind was (not to mention the cramping trouble etc). For what it's worth, a friend of mine was expecting to run under 2:50 and she was just outside 3 hours.


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