Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cold 7 miles

Ran 7 miles Saturday morning and it was cold. Really cold about 25 degrees. I even wore tights, despite my aversion to them. I even wore gloves -- and that was an outstanding idea. My hands didn't get cold, big plus.
I run a fairly hilly course -- the elevation gain is almost 450 feet from top to bottom, and I end going uphill. Some people may sneer at that, but going up and down many times is very challenging and makes Central Park seem flat.
At end of run I drank my usual recovery drink, chocolate milk. I bought the fancy Power Bar recovery drink, and guess what the first three ingredients are: milk, sugar and cocoa powder -- same as chocolate milk. But costs twice as much. Back to chocolate milk for me.
I also tried G2 the new Gatorade drink, but my Gatorade thoughts are a separate entry entirely. Not a fan of G2 as I will explain in later post.

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  1. Hey wolve

    I hope all is well. 7 miles in 25 degree weather is pretty amazing. Glad to hear you wore gloves and tights because that kind of weather just requires it... aversion or not. 450 feet of elevation gain is nothing for anybody to sneer at.. I run in relatively flat Michigan and really have to search out the hills to get any gain at all.

    Best of luck.


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