Sunday, February 24, 2008

One week, One run

It has been a while since last post. Life has been busy both personally and at work. Thus, I haven't had as much of a chance to run, not even late at night on my home treadmill. I skipped the NYRR race on Saturday (4M) which was too bad. Even though it snowed all day Friday, Saturday was clear and not too cold. But it was at 8 am and that is early. My day then over took me and I didn't run. That is no good. Nothing is worse than not running on a day you want to and then seeing people on the street coming or going to run. Feel like if they can, I could have also. Also had a bad diet day on Saturday, so a bad day all around. Oh well, had many of those before and the good days outnumber the bad. Gotta keep going - its not a sprint its a marathon. One day, one week won't make -- or break -- me.

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  1. Hi Wolve

    You just have to find the time. If it means getting up an hour early or running when you get home in the dark, sometimes that is the only way to get it done. It is really tough this time of year because winter is a drag. I can't wait to be running outside again in some reasonable weather.

    Hang in there in the meantime. Maybe training for an upcoming race can be a motivating factor.


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