Friday, February 29, 2008

More Nike Greatness

Ran twice on treadmill this weekend. Spring is around the corner. . . Tried running 2 quarter miles slow then one fast on treadmill. Makes the miles go quicker.
This is another one of my favorite ads ever. When it first came out, I had just moved to New York, and at a party discussed this ad with several advertising people. Everyone thought it was the perfect commercial. It inspires and empowers. And just makes Nike cool.
And I run in Asics stuff, btw. Love Nike image, gear and Nike store. But their running clothes just don't seem right. I have some shirts with horrendous seams in them. And they itch and irritate. And get dripping wet. And they are expensive. But they sure are cool.

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  1. Hi Wolve

    It certainly helps to mix things up a little on your TM runs.

    I like the Nike image and think both they and Adidas are much cooler, but I have always run in Asics. I wear a light weight trainer that I love and when my feet get sore and tired I have a pair of the Nimbus which is like running in Doc Marten's... heavy, but oh so comfortable.

    Come on already, spring!


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