Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back again

After a long hiatus, interrupted by work and family, I am back again. And back running. I am officially accepted in NY marathon and need to get into fighting shape. That means losing weight, building core strength and building the base before training really starts.
In the interval since I last posted I have run only sporadically and eaten poorly. A combination of stress, family and work. And I have put weight back on. I previously (6 weeks ago) was around 197 and wanted to be at 183 or so come November. I now sit at 205. I hope to be around 190 when training starts in mid-July. The weight makes a huge difference. I am tall and big boned (6'3" or so) so the amount of weight is not crazy for my frame and size. But I know I run faster when I am slimmer. After my last marathon (run at 195) I said I would start training earlier, train smarter (not over do it), and be stronger leaner and fitter going into the race. Now, six months before the race, it is time to implement the plan to get to the starting line in good shape.
Back to the bricks. Never Quit.

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  1. I have entered the lottery for that marathon, I can't wait for the results to start coming out.


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