Tuesday, March 31, 2009

HRM, supplements, etc pt 2

Well that didn't take long. I took the supplements, Quercetin and drank a cup of coffee before my run (for the caffeine). The product was the workout seen in lavender above. Basically identical to a week ago, and much higher than the wondrous Friday workout (seen in blue). I don't get it.
But maybe sleep has more to do with it than I thought. I always remember reading that sleep the night before a race was not as important as two nights before the race. Applying that principle, I slept great two nights before the Friday workout (almost 11 hours) because of my sickness. For today's workout, I have had two terrible nights of sleep (5 or 6 hours) thanks to a restless baby. Maybe that explains it.
But unfortunately the caffeine and Quercetin combo is not a magic bullet. My skepticism remains.

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