Friday, April 3, 2009

More on Heart Rates, etc.

Yesterday I ran after taking a day off.  And decided that maybe the key to a sustained low heart rate workout is ... rest and a day off.  Yesterday I ran and had another good workout.  The max HR was 149.  Perfect-- close to the wondrous Friday workout ("Freaky Friday"), but not too low. Freaky Friday was after two days off.  Yesterday was after one day off.  This is a picture compared to the Freaky Friday workout (note -- I wore my strap upside down for the first 20 or so minutes and got inconsistent data, but the point remains....) (Yesterday in lavender, Freaky Friday in blue):

  Very close workout.

Now compare yesterday's workout with one two days earlier (the second day in a row of workin out (again yesterday in lavender and two days earlier in blue):

So maybe it is as simple as rest and recovery.  I plan on running today so we'll see what happens on the HRM today.

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