Sunday, April 19, 2009

Run as one Race Report

A great morning to run - sunny, little wind. A bit warm, but hey, beats cold and rainy (see Scotland Run 10K). Baggage drop was up above bandshell and kind of out of the way, but that's ok - it was big, level, and well staffed. And the Tshirt was a New Balance technical running shirt! Alright!, not another cotton tee one that would go unused. Nice touch.
At the race start, the announcer said that 60 percent of lung cancer diagnoses will be in people who never smoked or who have quit. Scary stat. And that 11,000 people signed up (I think that includes a run in DC because no way were there 11,000 out and about). Course was start at 68th on east, run up to 102, across to west side end up on 72 transverse. National anthem was by an actress from La Boheme, pretty voice but kind of unremarkable. (Best ever - an 11 year old girl at an NY Ranger game. Had MSG pumped like crazy!)
Any away and off we go. I was in middle of 2000 corral. And I spent the first mile dodging people who were too slow. I started to look at numbers as I went by, and lots of 4000. I don't think those people realize the problems - and danger - they create for themselves and others, but I wish people would appreciate the issue. I am all for participation, but it really doesn't work well to be a pebble in a river of runners.
First mile was a respectable 7:54. Not bad considering the ducking and weaving and it includes Cat Hill. Mile 2 is all downhill (ends on 102 transverse) and in at 7:33. Mile 3 is thus uphill and ends around 86th. Came in at 8:00 flat. Not bad. Mile 4 in 7:22. And my stub extra distance of 216 feet from Garmin (0.04 mile) was 18 seconds. Time in: 31:10. Wanted to break 31:00, and would have but for the stub distance. Oh well.
Had Garmin turned on in contrast to last 4 miler (on April 5), and I wish I could post comparison data on splits, etc, but can't. I'll post a comp of heart rates instead.

The blue is two weeks ago, and lavender this morning. And I ran it about 30 second faster today and it was 15 degrees warmer. I am getting lighter and stronger. And that's a good way to start a Sunday.


  1. The problem of slow people up front was even worse for those of us starting in the 3000 corral - 6000s, 8000s, 10000s, walkers, people running with small children, people trotting slowly side-by-side. So many people who were up where they had no business being. It's by far the worst I've seen since NYRR went to the corral system. I managed a good 4-mile time (for me) despite a horrible first mile, with my pace variations (and actual mile speeds) about the same as yours.

    The heart rate graph is a pretty cool example about the effects (and importance) of conditioning!

  2. I hear you about the crowds... unfortunately if you are a serious runner, sometimes you have to lie about your time or force your way into an earlier corral than what NYRR assigns you. It's a fact of life because there are so many very slow joggers/walkers who don't think about the effect they have by starting off towards the front of the pack.

    I started off in the first corral, but with my 6:10 miles, I think I was in the right place. Anyway, you can read the race wrap up from my perspective here:

    Hope you run the Healthy Kidney 10k! Best,


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