Saturday, April 25, 2009

Great Day, Great Run

This is going to be the prettiest day of the year in New York.  78 or so and sunny.  Started off with a run, and simply felt great.  The sun, the music, the day.  So I decided to go my long route -- close to seven miles, and one I haven't run in over a year.  USATF website says that this route has 535 feet of vertical climb in it, and over 1000 feet of elevation change.    It is a challenge becuase it seems like there is always a hill coming up.  Ran it in 55:20, for a great pace at right at 8 minute miles, and average heart rate of 157 or about 82%.  Garmin also had it as a 1050 calorie run.  Drank a Horizon low fat chocolate milk when I was done, one of my favorite post recovery drinks -- smooth, fills me up, hydrates, all good.  What a great sunny day to come though, and just puts a smile on my face and bounce in my step with such a great start.

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