Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Product Reviews New Drinks (Mix One And Function)

Two new drinks that intrigued me and that I sampled. My thoughts on each:

Mix One High Fiber Antioxidant Drink Dark Berry Flavor

I like the original Mix 1 drinks. They are kind of a smoothie/protein shake combo, and taste is good. Plus I met the founders of the company after a race one time, and really liked the attitude and philosophy. I don't drink them much because they have 200 calories, and I just don't drink smoothie type things that often. If you are training, the original Mix 1 make an excellent post run recovery drink.

This, however, is a new drink with different taste and consistency -- a 100 calorie, high fiber tea berry drink. Here's what they say:

"So much to do, so little time. We could all use more balance in our lives. that's why our co-founder, dr. james, developed mix1, a balance of complete nutrition, great flavor, and convenience. before or after your workout, mealtime, downtime, anytime-mix1 provides sustained energy to get you through your busy day. So drink, enjoy, and get back in balance. Your body will thank you."

My thoughts: Lots of fiber (8g or 30% RDA) and protein (9g). Taste is a good, in a fruity tea sort of way. Kindof hard to describe. I paid $2.99 for it at GNC, which is a little pricey. I like the high fiber -- an easy way to get lots of fiber, and protein also. Would I drink again? Maybe, if I wasn't on a diet. It is 100 calories, and not sure it is worth that if you are on a diet. Otherwise, yes if I wanted a fiber drink.

Function Drinks: Lightweight

At the local GNC, I picked up a new drink, Function: Lightweight (Acai/Pomegranate flavor).

It was $1.99/500ml, so basically a little more than a bottle of water. 10 calories in the bottle, and flavored by Sucralose (basically Splenda). It claims it is designed by physicians to promote higher metabolism and "subtract calories from your daily total." Also has 30 mg caffeine. I had a Vitamin Water (one of the 25 calorie flavors) over the weekend, and it was terrible. This is much better.

From the label:

"Negativity. In co-workers, therapists and kindergarten teachers, negativity is generally a bad thing. In calorie counting, however, negativity is quite positive. Inside this bottle is a physician-developed formula of powerhouse ingredients designed to help ignite your metabolism and subtract calories from your daily total. EGCG is a Green tea extract proven to increase calories burned per hour and promote lean body mass. Gymnema extract limits the absorption of calories your body takes in from fat and carbohydrates. And red wine extract resveratrol, amps up your energy production, increasing your total calorie burn. Function: Make your drink work for you."

As for the Function drink, taste is pretty good to good. Not something I could drink a case of, but not too sweet or artificial tasting. Definitely refreshing from water. And it has caffeine in it, which I view as a positive.

As for the health benefits, who really knows? But it is a way to stay hydrated, and get some acai, green tea, caffeine and reservatrol, and that can't hurt.

Would I buy again? Probably, if I wanted something other than water, but I wouldn't make an effort to hunt it out and find it. All in all, not bad.

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  1. I have tried the Peach flavor of Function and like it a lot. I usually drink it after a workout or in place of always drinking water. I agree the "vitamin water" tastes artificial. Thanks for the information


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