Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dash 10K Race Report

All in all, it was a nice morning to run and set up to be a fast race. The weather was about 60 and a bit on humid side. But the course started on 102 street, run north and down and then up the Harlem Hill in the first mile or so. I liked having the hill first - you are up and down before have a chance to dread it and with pre race adrenaline still going. Also, the last 3/4 mile would be a pretty substantial downhill, which is always good. Biggest obstacle then in this course is Cat Hill (maybe 100 feet of gain) in mile 4 to 5.
Maybe NYRR is reading my blog because my race number was...1240. Much better than the 3000's I had last race. That means that I would not be dodging everyone right off the bat, and the group would help set a fast pace for me.

My goal was again a 60 age graded time. That means a 47:30 or so. I just barely missed last 10K in May. But I was going to run smarter today and pace better. I also set my virtual racing partner on Garmin at 7:30 to help pace myself. (Garmin 405 has a screen that will show you if you are ahead or behind of your pace by comparing you to a Virtual Pace partner.) I thought I would probably come out fast (7:20 or so) in first mile, lose some time in miles 4-5 (both uphill) and then make it up coming home on the downhill to the finish.

At start, it was a great national anthem. Also, the start is on a downhill, and if you turn around and look back, you can see the thousands of runners waiting to go. It is an awesome sight.

The first mile went as expected, and I had to keep telling myself to slow down. Mile 1 came in at 7:23. A good start.

Mile 2 is uphill, and I was keeping an eye on heart rate. All good, all systems go at this point. Mile 2 - 7:35.

Mile 3 is flat mostly and downhill. Again keeping an eye on my heartrate, and it is creeping up, but still around 90 percent of max. So, I was concerned but happy. Mile 3 - 7:25. My 5K split was really good - 22:00 or so.

Mile 4 was around the bottom of the park, and honestly became the hardest one for me. I don't know why. In my last 10K one month ago, I crashed in Mile 4. That was after a fast charge up a big hill and a fast first half. Today, my heart rate in this mile 4 was suddenly now 180 plus. And I feel bad; maybe it was my two tiugh workouts earlier in the week or lingering effect of my sickness, but I don't feel good. I slowed down to try to conserve and save something for Cat Hill, which is around the corner. Mile 4, even though its net downhill, was 7:40.

Mile 5 is uphill. But I had recovered from my Mile 4 funk and felt a lot better. It really surprised me. At some point, I realized I was going to make it, no walks, no bonk, and I could do it. And it would be strong. One of the running cadences I run to has the drill sergeant yelling "up the hill/ through the hill/ over the hill". And that was how I felt. I went up Cat Hill in good shape. Mile 5 came in at 7:43. HR was high though.

Mile 6 is around the Metropolitan Museum of Art and reservoir. For some reason I thought this was downhill. Its not - its slightly uphill. Oh well, its down hill at about 5.5 to finish. I am close to home. And I am now behind my silly Race buddy on Garmin for first time. I had kind of reconciled that I wasn't going to make a 47:00 and 7:30 pace, but I knew I would still have a strong race. Mile 6 came in at 7:26.

Coming home, I just pushed pace and tried to make it home close to 7:30 pace. Last 0.23 was 1:36. My heart rate actually hit 189.

Final time - 46:48. Woooohooo, YES! Sub 47:00. Yeah!

Final age graded time: 61.1. Came in 600th place out of 4500. A very happy result for me.

It wasn't perfect --I did lose the race with my Garmy buddy by 5 seconds though.


  1. Great job with the Dash 10k! If I had known you were running it I would have meandered to your corral to say hello :o) I had a much different race with this one then I did last weekend with the Women's 10k, because the course was reversed. It worked out in my favor because I cut 16 seconds off each mile. I'm going to post my own little race report later tonight.

    Anyway, a sub-47:00 10k is amazing! Congrats! You are definitely an athletic inspiration :o)

  2. I hear more and more people using their Virtual Partner to race with in a race to keep pace. Could you comment more on switching screens or did you just keep on the VP screen using the Garmin?

    Regardless, great time!

  3. Very nice run. Great work out there.


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