Saturday, June 6, 2009

Slow Solid Run

Thanks to everyone for kind words on my brush with the flu lite. I really appreciate it.
Tonight I ran at the gym for first time since my sickness and since my long run last Saturday. I thus had 6 days of rest before this run. I decided to run slowly and not push the pace and dial back the intensity. My pace was around 9:00 minutes per mile on the treadmill, about a minute per mile slower than normal for me. It was a every odd run. My pace seemed soooooooo slllllooooowwww. I truly was jogging it seemed. And my heart rate was really low - like in the 120's. I ran 4.5 miles and called it a night. But it was a decent workout. Heart rate ended up averaging 72% of max. That is a perfect endurance workout as per some training plans. I stepped off and felt like it was a walk in park - even though my pace was only 1 minute or slower than normal. Definitely eye opening - the recovery from this run I think will be very easy. Indeed that is why the runs are supposed to be done at this HR and pace - the easy recovery and lessened injury risk. Before though,to get this heart rate in a workout I basically had to walk. And I could never train that way. But now I am in much better shape,so I can run at this rate. I will definitely have to consider this in my training.
It may also be the case that the layoff produced a lower heart rate. I'll have to see. But count me as a fan of the 75% heart rate workout. For what it's worth, Macmillan likes faster endurance runs, ones that average 80 to 83%.


  1. running, gliding, time slowing.
    first... the noise in the mind...
    then it all slows down,
    sights become a haze of stillness... sweet like cotton candy on the 4th of July, powerful like a porsche roaring through the countryside... whose world are you in now... stillness...
    find how to keep it running when you are not... that's the true ticket home, that's what all the running is truly about...
    xxx, m

  2. I'd just like to point out that your 9:00, 4.5 mile "sloooowww jog" would equate a super fast endurance session for me! Seriously though, I'm glad you're back on your feet and feeling good. Keep treating yourself well!

  3. A good slower run every once and a while can feel really great.

  4. slower is better in my books, until race day of course! ; )


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