Monday, September 7, 2009

Last Summer run...

Labor Day has come and gone, and just like the seasons, a new school year, a new fall, a new season have come.

We were in Florida over the long weekend, and let me tell ya, it is hot down there. Nothing like what it has been in summers past, but still, 92 and humidity still feels awfully hot after the mild summer we have had here. In fact, it was very strange getting off the plane back in New York and feeling ... fall. The temperature in NY is now in the low 70s. So much cooler than Florida. And, if you watch the US Open night matches, the people in the stands are freezing. I ran once in Florida. That was the product of running on both the day I left to go to Florida and the day I got back (Labor Day), but neither day in Florida.

So Saturday, I ran 18 miles in Florida Saturday. I started at 7 a.m and finished about 9:45. Ended up finishing 18.24 in 2:32 for 8:14 average pace. Splits are below, and I ended up running the second half faster than the first. But heart rate was higher too. The sun was really bright and it was getting hot (83?) by the time I finished. I wouldn't want to start any later in the day. As I was coming home, feeling pretty good, this guy in triathlon gear was jogging the other way. He was serious, hard core, and absolutely flying. Waved and smiled at him, and he did the same. One thing about running near the beach in Florida -- people with boat trailers! I hope they realize that the boats are wider than the cars. Can get kindof scary seeing these boats come whizzing by...

One thing I did to prepare was to hide water along my route the night before my run. I had an out and back route, so I hid water at 5 different places along my route, and ended up with 10 water stops along the way. That helped tremendously, not only because of the hydration, but also because it broke my run up into small segments. I was constantly focusing on the next water stop ... where did I hide it again? Did someone see the water and, thinking it was trash, throw it away? (That happened to one of them.) It was a really positive run though, and glad I pushed through the heat to make it.

I formed a couple of conclusions, too. The Nike LunarTrainer experiment is over. They are kinda cool shoes, but for me, just not practical for long training. I have now run about 100 miles in them, and have decided they are nice for short distances, but not long ones. I wore them on this Florida long run, and finished with a massive blister on the side of my big toe, and a blister on the end of my second toe also. Today, when I ran at home in New York, I ran in my Gel Kayanos, and it felt so much better. Like meeting up with an old friend for lunch.

Second, I like using Gatorade Endurance for long runs. I have a bunch of Accelerade thanks to a sale at GNC, but I really like the Gatorade Endurance better. It is smoother, doesn't have any aftertaste or funky smell (I find Accelerade has this bad smell), and just goes down easily.

And anyone who hates Tim Tebow should read the profile of him in this month's GQ. If you don't like him after that, then I don't know who you would like. An admirable young man for sure.

Time Distance Split time Elev. chg.
0:08:03 1.00 8:03 -6
0:16:30 2.00 8:26 -2
0:24:48 3.00 8:18 +29
0:33:02 4.00 8:14 -14
0:41:16 5.00 8:12 +23
0:49:38 6.00 8:22 -1
0:58:02 7.00 8:23 -7
1:06:25 8.00 8:22 +17
1:14:44 9.00 8:18 -21
1:22:45 10.00 8:00 -10
1:30:49 11.00 8:03 -21
1:38:52 12.00 8:00 -5
1:46:59 13.00 8:07 -8
1:55:05 14.00 8:04 +28
2:03:12 15.00 8:06 +3
2:11:21 16.00 8:08 +11
2:19:29 17.00 8:08 -23
2:27:42 18.00 8:11 -5
2:30:58 18.41 3:16 +13
2:30:59 18.41 0:01 +0


  1. It is still pretty warm here in SC, although it's starting to cool off. Great job getting in your 18 in warmer conditions than you've been used to this summer. I would love to see NY in the fall, I bet it's gorgeous.

  2. Yeah running here is pretty rough if you're not used to it and still rough even if you are. I can't wait for the cooler temps... in October/Novemer to finally come! LOL!

    Glad you had a great trip and run!!!

  3. Dude, you are like my new favorite person. Florida shout out and Tim Tebow shout out in one post?!?! AWESOME!

    The aqua jogging is done in a depth of about 5 ft or deeper. No shoes necessary as you don't touch the bottom of the pool at all, so no stress on the ankle or anything else that happens to be injured. You just run as you normally would from one side of the deep end to the other side of the deep end. Super boring but we'll see how it goes.

  4. Great job on the 18 miler. I never heard of hiding water along your route, interesting idea.

  5. Looks like a really solid run. When you are running in that kind of heat and humidity, you have to really pace yourself and make sure you stay hydrated. Glad it went off so well.

    Always nice to finish that second half a little faster.

    Take care and best of luck with your fall training and racing.

    BTW, I really felt the Brooks ST4 performed well. I had considered racing with the Asics gel hyperspeed, but think I will go with the Brooks instead. My feet will be certainly sore enough after 26 miles with that little support.

  6. It was sad to think that our runs last weekend were the last of the summer! You went out with a bang, great pace on your 18 miler!

  7. good to know about the nike lunars. i am a gel kayano fan too. i love them. it will be hard to get me away from those shoes.
    great job on your run!

  8. I for one, am very happy to see the summer on it's way out. This time of year, paces begin falling with no effort at all. Running starts to feel fun and easy again, instead of being a wrestling match with the heat. Congrats on slogging through a long run in Florida... I've been there, done that, and know it can be unpleasant.


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