Friday, October 30, 2009

Notes From the Expo

Just went to the NY marathon runners Expo. My thoughts:

1. What a madhouse!!! Had all the hallmarks of an NYRR event -- Lots of people, but very well organized. Just lots of people, runners, foreign tourists. They need more space! All of the booths were jam packed with people. And the official Asics marathon store was a nightmare. If I want any marathon gear, I'll order online.

2. There is a recession upon us. The booths are not nearly as elaborate or fancy as years past. And fewer of them.

3. Met Brian Sell. He was just sitting at a table at the Brooks booth, and struck up a conversation with him. I always thought he looked bigger and brawnier than the other runners. In real life, he isn't. I am big and brawny; he is lean and fit.

4. Power Bar has these new Energy Bites. Not the energy gels or protein gels, but like marble size chunks of carbs. They tasted good. But they were sold out of them! What is the point of free samples, if they don't sell them?

5. Seeing your picture is cool. Several years ago, I ran with a charity team. (More on that in another post; a great experience, but I just couldn't commit this year.) Anyway, behind their big booth at the marathon are poster boards about 8'x6' showing runners, and faces. My face is one them! From circa 2006, with a big huge grin on my face, about 1'x1'. Thats still pretty cool.

6. Lots of energy and enthusiasm for Sunday. Of course, it is now supposed to rain. But I know I am well trained for running in the rain!

And how New York gets by with the Javits Center as the main convention space is a mystery to me. It is so inconvenient, it is just scary.


  1. Thanks for sharing, that is so cool! One day I'll get there...a little far but one day! You're going to have a great race, enjoy it!

  2. Even though I had to defer due to an injury, I stopped by Javits Thursday with the hope of scoring some free swag at the expo. Silly me, I forgot this was NY and all I got free was the Powerbar and Gatorade Recovery samples. Everything else seemed to cost more $$$ than normal.

    I was amazed at the amount of foreigners (they even had people from Jersey and Connecticut!). But seriously, when they asked if the bus can slow down so they can take pictures of the inside of the M42 bus that was a little over the top for me.

    Run well and enjoy.

  3. Yes, I love that we're told to stay off of our feet in the days leading up to the marathon, but then the expo is in the middle of nowhere...

  4. Good luck! I can't wait to read your race report!

    How neat to meet Brian Sell. John "the Penguin" Bingham was just standing around at my marathon last spring and I regret not striking up a conversation with him.

    I wish you a great race, perfect weather, and fast legs.

  5. #3: Very cool! It's sad that he's retiring. What an inspiring story.

    #4: I had those at the expo in Chicago. I can't decide if I like them or not. I mean, they were good, but I can't imagine them on a run.

    #5: So that makes you like a D-list celebrity, right? :-)

    Good luck Sunday. Anxious to hear how it goes.

  6. Good luck! Have a great race, run smart and enjoy yourself. NYC sounds like a fantastic marathon, it's definitely on my list, now if only I can get on their entry list.

  7. Have a great run. Looking forward to your race report


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