Sunday, November 1, 2009


That is official the result:3:42:08. First half in 1:43; second in 1:59 (ouch!). Still all in all, I have a smile ear to ear.

Of course I am disappointed wasn't a 3:30 something, but it was a great race and great experience. Race report later.

Thanks to everyone for messages of support and interest, it really, really means a lot.


  1. Nicely done. Don't worry about the split -- that will give you something to improve next time.

  2. I'm seriously still getting your updates and it's 9:30 pm... Runner tracking SUCKED! But I was cheering you on all morning and was stoked when I got your finish email. Congrats B, anxiously awaiting the race recap! Rest up and bask in that after glow!!!

  3. A 3:42 on that course is like a 3:30 on any other (OK, except Boston). Congrats!

  4. Great job, you should be proud!! With a full month of very little running right before this, you did awesome! Can't wait for the race report!!!

  5. That is a wonderful finish time!! I could never even dream of doing one that fast.

    It looked like a great race. Just watching the Runners World highlights reel gave me chills and reminded me WHY I'm doing this. The spectator support looked amazing.

    Looking forward for the full report.

  6. Awesome time...congrats on your PR!

  7. Congrats! Awesome time!

    Sounds like my race was nearly a carbon copy of yours. Decided to go for a 3:3x, ran 1:47 and 1:59 to finish 3:46.

    There's always next time!


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