Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sunday and Gridiron 4M race report

On Super Bowl Sunday, the day started early, with a 4 mile race in Central Park. It was cold -- about 17 degrees, with a 10 mph wind. I was ready for it, though, after the Boston freeze out. I had on a long sleeve compression shirt; a long sleeve shirt over that; a long sleeve running shell, and a running fleece. A hat and gloves. Cold weather Asics tights. I saw a grand total of 4 people running without tights. Discretion is the better part of valor.

The race, although cold, was on a sunny, pretty day in Central Park. We were supposed to get all the snow that buried Washington, but we did not even get a flake. 50 miles south of the city they got 14 inches; us, none. Odd. Anyway, I started again in first corral, but I was under no impression I would go fast or set a PR or be where I was at my "high water mark" in November. I was just happy to be out there again. I didn't set Garmin race buddy. Deep inside, I hoped to make 7:00 miles, but realized I was not going to push to that goal. A more realistic goal was to match my 7:27 pace, which had been my PR pace until last fall. So, I would just run to a fast pace and see how I felt and how my heart rate went. (Before the race started my Garmin had my resting HR at 41. Umm, I don't think so.)

First mile was fast, with about a 7:14 pace. I felt like I was really struggling though. Really trying hard to keep that pace. Second mile, I slowed down, but it was downhill and came in around 7:20. Much better. Mile 3 was a disaster. My glasses completely fogged up -- like so bad-I-couldn't-see fogged up. And my shoe came untied. So I had to stop, take my gloves off, unzip one of the pouches in my shirt, stuff my glasses in, tie my shoe and go again. But it was a good break honestly, I was kind of winded. Mile 3 was 7:50. In Mile 4 I just wanted the race to be over really, and call it a day. Ended up in 7:26. Total time: 29:54, for net pace of 7:28 per mile. 900th place out of 5200 runners. Eh.

I give myself a B- for the run. But I am very, very glad I did it. It really dispelled the memories of Boston, and how unpleasant that cold run was. This one was just a nice run, albeit labored, in the chill.

Saturday night we went to see "Up in the Air." I was a little disappointed. First, Geroge Clooney looked way too good for the movie. Everyone else was sort of unattractive and gray; Clooney can't help it if he is a movie star, but he just looked out of place in the movie. I think a no-name actor could have been tremendous in the role. And, as someone who travels and works a lot (although no where near Clooney's character), I sympathize with some of it, but I also have a loving wife and family, so another part, I just didn't. I give the movie a B.

Super Bowl Sunday (after the run), I made fresh Guacamole and Super Bowl Jambalaya (with Dixie Beer, which is not easy to find in these Yankee lands) for some friends. I forgot to put lime juice in the guac (which I think only I noticed), so I thought it was only good, not great. I give it a B. (Detect the theme of my day?) The jambalaya was OK, even if it was a big hit with the crowd. I tasted it and though, eh, it could be so much better. I give it a B-.

All in all, a thoroughly average day. But, all things considered, that is sort of life, no? We can't have every day with a PR followed up with the best food ever. And what is so average about a race, with a home cooked meal made with my kids, served to a crowd of friends, drinking Dixie Beer watching the Super Bowl?

That gets an A+.


  1. I was in Central Park for the race yesterday too. I saw a few more people wearing shorts than you did. I guess I attract morons.

    When is the next one?

  2. Hi NY Wolve,
    I am so jealous that you got to run in Central Park...even in the cold!! I am sorry that your run did not go as well as you would of liked. Remember that A run is better than no run:) My husband and I were also thinking about going to the movie, "Up in the Air". Thanks for the review:) Also, I am a huge fan of guacamole:) I love that stuff and could eat it as a meal:) I am glad that you had fun at your Super Bowl party!! I hope that you have a great week!!

  3. Great job NY! I can't believe those temps! BRRRRR!!!!

    Your wife is uber lucky that you are such a great cook! When Spike & I finally move in together we are screwed, neither of us know how to cook! LOL!

  4. Sorry to hear about the less than perfect race. At least the Superbowl was better!

  5. I'd give the game an A+ too, so definitely not a wasted day!

    With the weather like this, I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about meeting target paces in workouts and races. I know that no matter how hard I try, I can't get my body moving well in sub-freezing temps, so I just have to keep telling myself it'll all pay off when spring comes...

  6. An average day spent running, eating, and enjoying family is always an A+ in book! You did your best out there on a cold and miserable morning and for that you deserve congrats. I, for one, was still stuck in bed! Great job!


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