Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter Blues

I haven't posted much about running lately because my runs have been indoors, on a treadmill. Nothing exciting, just trying to build a foundation for some training in the next couple of months. I figure about 6 weeks of steady base building -- running mid distances (5 miles or so) at a relatively easy pace, keeping heart rate below80% or so, will do wonders. The runs are tedious and kind of boring, but I always feel good when I am done.

One revelation though: I really don't like weight work. I understand why people don't run if they aren't good at it. That is the way I feel with weights. I can't lift that much. I tire quickly. It hurts and aches. I see no instant payoff. It feels awkward. And I just don't enjoy it. Always have felt this way.

But I also know weight training is one area in which I could stand to improve dramatically. Every time I start a training cycle, I resolve to lift more. And it never happens. But this time, I am not going to set any definitive weight goals, and just ease into it, and incorporate into my training. I have more time before NY 2010 (umm, about nine months), that I ought to be able to be at least OK with weights by then. But we'll see.


  1. This time of year, treadmills are inevitable for training. The good thing is that you are running.

    As a runner, it is difficult to get out of the comfort zone and do lifting. Just remember it will make you a better runner. Good luck and keep it going!

  2. Hi NY Wolve,
    I really don't like lifting either but I have been trying to do more push-ups and other core work. I agree with Tony's thinking that it will make you a stronger and faster runner:) Keep your chin up:) I hope that you have a wonderful week!!

  3. It sucks when you aren't good at something, but that is how you get better - by doing it! It's hard to motivate for sure. I think the fish supplements probably have the same stuff the DHA has.

  4. I have been lifting for over a month now and I gotta admit, I kinda love doing it now that I'm able to make it through a whole set. It has helped my posture and form tremendously. Good luck Wolve!

  5. Hi! I'm a NYC runner too and have been battling with the treadmill as well. Sucks, but I hear this snow storm is going to end and it might be nice at the end of the week!

    I have started a weight training program this year to add definition. It can be difficult to stick to it, but when I notice my arms are getting stronger, it helps to keep me going!

    Good luck!

  6. I don't lift, but do a lot of core work: push-ups, planks, abs, plyometrics (high knees, butt kicks, side runs, back runs). I never hear about elite runners lifting weight, so I figure they must know what they are doing. But they all do core work...

  7. I can never be consistent with weights. I love strength training at home but ugh, not weights!

  8. Winter blues are a drag - can't comment on the treadmill though as I have never run on one except to try on shoes at the running shop. I, too, dread lifting and core work - blah!

  9. With you on all counts. Which is exactly why I'm starting to look like a toothpick with horse legs.

    And it's not just because I'm bad at lifting (which I am), but also because of time. How do you squeeze in even 30min of lifting after a 1 - 1.5hr run?


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