Monday, March 22, 2010

TMI on My Feet

I walk past the Asics running store every day on the way to and from work. It is basically a brand new store, and I think the only standalone Aiscs store in the country. On one level, it is really cool. On another,it is sort of like shopping at a running boutique, and a rather limited one at that. My local running store carries more gear, more clothes, and the same Asics shoes.

One thing that the new Asics Store has, though, that is really cool is a very high tech foot analysis. They put little markers on certain places on your feet and put your foot in a box. The box makes a three dimensional scan and computer model of both feet. It measures distances, angles, etc. The exact length of each foot. Toe angles, too. And arch height. then they video a quick running session and calculate pronation, ankle angle, strike patterns, etc. The idea is that, after the analysis, they guide you to the exact right shoe and exact right size.

They can only do it for one person at a time, and it takes about 15 minutes. There are no appointments, and it is first come, first served. I have tried about 5 times to do it, and never gotten in (Just before the NY Marathon, I saw Deena Kastor in the store filming the video about the foot scan that is on the Asics store's website.)

Without further adieu, my feet:

My take aways: My left foot has almost a flat arch. Yikes! Did not know that. My right ankle has pretty severe pronation, whereas my left is essentially neutral. My left foot is 1.7 millimeters longer than my right (about half a shoe size). And I am a pronounced heel striker.

After all the analysis, etc, the computer spit out my recommended model and size: the stability model, Gel Kayano, size 12.5.

What shoes do I run in now? Gel Kayanos, size 12.5.


  1. Interesting. I always wonder how much of a gimmick these things are? but if you've been happy w/ your shoes, then maybe it is on the mark.

  2. Love the new header!

    Hilarious about your analysis! Did they try to sell you shoes afterwards? What did they say when you told them you already ran in the right shoes? LOL!

  3. That's pretty neat! Definitely something worth treking up to NYC for.

  4. Interesting! Seems like you are one step ahead, though! I have the Kayanos as well and loved them until I put my feet into the Nike Frees. Over the past year my strike switched to forefoot and felt I was carrying unnecessary weight in the hill!

  5. This really bums me out since it's just down the street from my old office and I have been wearing Asics (or its predecessor) forever. All my shoes are Asics except for my spikes (Brooks (XC) and Nike (track) and one pair of racing flats (Saucony although for yesterday's half I went with an old pair of Asics (discontinued) Magic Racers that have a bit more support). Of course, I've questioned why anyone would go to a manufacturer's store to see what shoes to wear.

    12.5? Wow. Those are some big shoes to fill.

    And I saw Deena warming-down with Terence Mahon after yesterday's race. I also think that Asics are the most common brand for what I'll call the "more serious" runner.

  6. How cool - I love those kind of tests! Pretty funny that they came up with the shoe you already use... Almost a let down like you might be introduced to some new shoe got running. Guess you knew what you needed without the fancy test :)

  7. that is about the coolest thing funny that you already had the shoe!

  8. Sometimes too much information is scary and I'd be VERY scared to know exactly what my feet are doing "down there" while I"m running. Probably the wrong stuff since my hip has been acting up! Anyway, that was smart of you to go through the test, and it looks like you wound up with some nice shoes! Keep us posted.

  9. I chuckled when I saw the poster w/your post title. But, that assessment seems cool to do, and I like Asics, so I'd prob get their rec...But i fall for stuff like that;-)

  10. Yeah, but how much info is TMI? I rather not know. Haha!

  11. very cool!

    did they charge you more than, say, SuperRunners Shop?

  12. To answer the questions -- Do they give you a hard sell for shoes? No. But I made it clear that I already had Asics, ran in Asics and wanted to just know if I had the right pair.

    I share JG's reluctance about a uni-brand running store. The Asics store isn't an incredibly diverse shop -- they have limited gear, etc. But they carry Asics shoes in my size. I already know I like Asics, and 12.5 is an odd size -- most stores carry half sizes up to 12 and then jump to 13. I have tried size 12 before (too short; there go toenails and bleed onto shoe upper from friction) and 13 (too long; bye bye toenails and blisters) so that is how I knew before I went that 12.5 was just right for me.

    They also carry XL Asics socks. Most running socks are size "Large" which is defined as shoe size 8-11 or 12. They fit generally, and I dont have a real problem. but sock size XL is 12+ and fits better, so I buy them when I can, and the Asics store stocks XL socks (alliteration intended.)

    But the store is expensive. Full retail, on everything and very limited sales.

    Is it a gimmick? Probably, but still pretty heat. What do I do with the information that my toes angle in more on my right foot than my left? But it was helpful to know where I fit in gender averages for arch height, pronation, etc.

  13. Thanks for sharing. Seems cool for beginners that have not figured out where they are, and what shoes they should be wearing.

  14. That's really cool!!! I used to wear Asics all the time but then my feet were going numb in them so I switched brands and then switched brands're getting the picture here, I'm having a hard time getting one that I like after being a loyal Asics wearer. I'd LOVE something like this. Thanks, I'll look around Denver to see if I can find anything. Hope the new shoes work out for ya!!


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