Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Hard Ten

The Saturday run turned out harder than I thought. First, it was kind of warm -- around 75 degrees when I finally got out the door around 2:30 p.m. Where is that cold weather again? Just kidding! And it seemed that every kid in New York was riding their bike on my running path. And slowly, too. Plus, the dogs and mud...ugh. All of that made it hard to keep pace and zone out and run. Also, I took no water with me. That was a mistake, and I won't repeat that experiment again. When I got home I tried a Nuun tablet -- a zero calorie electrolyte tablet that you add to a bottle of water. It fizzes like an Alka Seltzer and dissolves. I thought it was terrible. Never again.

But I did end up with "the twitch." The twitch is what I get after a long run when my leg muscles twitch involuntarily. I'll shower and then relax and just watch the leg muscles contract and twitch involuntarily. That is when I know I have run hard and really worked out. This is my first time to see them since the marathon. In fact, this is thr furthest I have run since November 1 -- the NY marathon.

For dinner, we went to the Union Square Greenmarket and bought what looked good. Well, it is still too early here to get fresh produce, despite the glorious morning. We did buy greens from our favorite salad guy, and they were awesome. Incredibly expensive, too -- $24 per pound. A gallon sized Ziploc bag was $18. For that price, they better be good. They were! Fantastic. We had them with Teriyaki marinated grilled swordfish. Wonderful all the way around. Maybe in a month or so we'll get some fresh tomatoes and corn.

Hoping for another great Sunday! probably a recovery run for me, maybe an easy 4 miles.

Distance Split time Avg. HR Elev. chg. Pace vs avg. Time
1.00 7:46 146 (79%) -70 -00:18.82 0:07:46
2.00 7:59 159 (86%) +5 -00:05.16 0:15:46
3.00 7:56 160 (86%) +17 -00:08.33 0:23:42
4.00 8:05 162 (87%) +5 00:00.22 0:31:48
5.00 8:19 165 (89%) +25 00:14.37 0:40:07
6.00 8:01 159 (86%) -17 -00:03.90 0:48:08
7.00 8:03 165 (89%) -8 -00:01.11 0:56:12
8.00 7:58 166 (89%) -22 -00:06.74 1:04:11
9.00 7:55 165 (88%) -7 -00:09.34 1:12:08
10.00 8:21 171 (92%) +74 00:16.72 1:20:30


  1. Dinner sounds so good! I love swordfish and nothing taste better than fresh salad greens! Good job on your ten kept a great pace:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Great pace for a long run! Yesterday was a beautiful day for it. I was in the city for a bit yesterday and it did seem like everyone was out! Thank you for your advice on my car situation.

  3. Nice run! It was so beautiful yesterday. I was on a high all day after getting out there.

  4. You're making me homesick for Union Square! The salad sounds worth the $!

    I've yet to experience the "twitch" nothing like positive proof that you worked out hard!

  5. Wow! That's an awesome pace! Sounds like dinner was excellent :)

  6. Guess what? We love the twitch here at our house. It exemplifies pure exhaustion's actually celebrated. Ha, ha..not really but it does feel like we've worked hard to earn it. I like your HR percentages!

  7. Great job on the run. Loving this weather! NY was great yesterday. I can't wait for fresh tomatoes either!

  8. Wow, 75 yesterday out by you?? It was 32 and snowing AGAIN in Chicago. You're lucky to have had that for your long run. I'm pushing myself out the door right now since the temps dropped and I'm not looking forward to gearing up in long sleeves again. Great job on your run, you deserve a great meal!

  9. You did a great job on your hard ten. Did you fly over the kids on their bikes? :) That dinner was not too shabby either. Sounds like a great day! Have a good week.

  10. Great run!! I like the picture at the top of you blog!!

  11. Nuun is horrible! i bought some once to try...and thats exactly all I did. Once. ick.

    Junie B

  12. I bought five apples there on Saturday.

    Ten miles. It's a process. And those first few really warm runs of the year always are an adventure. I'm glad it wasn't quite so warm yesterday.

    Thanks for the link to the pic.

  13. I'm actually a fan of Nuun. It took me a few tries to get used to it, but now I use it all the time. Favorite flavor is banana.

  14. I tried Nuun once, but found that I couldn't really stomach it. Same experience as you I guess.

    This weekend was really nice for running. The only drawback is that now the parks and streets are way oversaturated with people.

    Anyway, great pace for a weekend long run!


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