Friday, March 19, 2010

The weekend is close...

Finally, we are getting some decent weather! It is supposed to be 72 degrees and sunny all weekend. Of course, that is a welcome change form the recent snow/rain cycle we have been having and a perfect time for a long run on Saturday. Inhonor of the weather, I have changed my header photo, which was a picture of snowy Central Park. Let us banish snow for awhile.

I am thinking 10 miles, on level ground. We'll see. Other than that, even though the weather has been tremendous, I have nothing running related to report other than treadmill workouts. That is depressing given the weather, but that is life.

Another great thing in New York this week: St. Patricks Day. The St Patricks Day parade is a hassle. It cuts the city in two because Fifth Avenue is closed down. And there are literally millions of people wandering around the city, wearing green; by about 5 p.m., most of those that are left are drunk. But every single one of them is happy. And smiling, and having the time of their life. It is almost like Halloween. Halloween in NY is like a grown up day of craziness. St Pats Day is second, but with the celebrants wearing green. The parade is exuberant; the revelers are a polyglot group of diverse people just celebrating and being happy. Very uplifting. On the other hand, that does not prevent people from grumpily complaining about the hassle the parade causes in the city. But, all things considered, I love it and love the people watching.

Some things I love right now:

1. My new iPod Touch. (I lost my old one to my daughter in a bet; after a year without, I bought myself another one.) It is total genius and maybe the best gadget ever.
2. Cracklin Oat Bran cereal. I know it isn't the healthiest cereal in the world, but it tastes great; even my kids eat it, and the baby LOVES it.

3. Goji berries
4. Fresh pomegranate seeds, and Chobani Pomegranate yogurt
5. Cliff Roks (chocolate flavored)

This Sunday is also the NYC Half Marathon. Alas, entry is subject to a lottery, and I did not get in. I have gotten in the last 2 years, and ultimately not been able to run. And yet, the year I am ready, I am not in the race.Good luck to all, and a great day to run.

And good luck to all those running the LA Marathon this weekend!


  1. Holy beautiful picture! Love it. Let the snow be gone! We got to 65 yesterday, will be at 60 today, rain comes this evening, then changing to SNOW overnight. Crazy. (And just in time for a 12 miler!)

    Glad you got a new Ipod. What was the bet you lost? That is too funny!

  2. looooooooooove that picture.

    i was in NYC for the marathon in 2008 when halloween was on that friday. we were doing some bus tour that was like 7 hours long, and the part on the ferry to go across and see Statue of Liberty etc., well on the way back the ferry WAS LOADED DOWN with people from across the way...i have never seen so many ODD and SCARY, and just plain disturbing as I saw on that was the Wall Street stop and thats where we decided to call it quits when we got off the bus...too many scary people for us country chickens :o)


  3. I love St. Patricks Day, possibly more than Christmas!

    Enjoy your long run in the lovely weather, bummer you didn't get into the half, but with everything, there's always next year!

  4. I love the new picture. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Ny Wolve,
    I am sorry to hear that you did not get into the NY marathon...perhaps next year:) NY sounds like it is a fun place to be for a few holidays!!

    I hope that you have a nice ten miler this weekend!! I really love your new picture of New is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Funny about the I-pod touch that your daughter won! We are supposed to have rain again this weekend here in Boston. Darn! Temps will be cooler, too, which I really don't mind since 70 degrees is a bit much for Spring.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more about the weekend- so excited! I love Apple EVERYTHING! I want the touch, but already have the classic and I can't see myself forking over the money when mine works perfectly well. Pomegranates are also wonderful, too bad they're out of season now! But that Chobani yogurt is the perfect way to enjoy them year around! Enjoy your weekend!!

  8. I've long hated St. Patrick's Day in NYC. It's an excuse, that whatever it is that the Tarahumara do on which they blame the booze, for anit-social behavior. Now St. Joseph's Day, that's a holiday I could enjoy.

    I like the new shot, especially since the CPTC folks are gone. It makes the Reservoir look really big. And I applaud your diplomacy in not commenting about one of the things I said recently.

  9. I really like the new photo. Enjoy the weekend and the warm runs that it will bring.

    I don't share your enthusiasm for St. Patty's Day. It's lots of fun if you're out in it, but being stuck in the office listening to other people's drunken yells all day gets old in a hurry.

  10. I wanna see pics of the NY St Patty day revelers! ;-)

  11. NY sounds like a great race, I'm sorry you didn't get in...maybe next year? Have you ever done the full? I just found out I got in and I'm kind of nervous now!
    I love your cereal choice, it is sweet and I love the way it soaks up the milk, yumm!
    I hope you enjoy your great weather this weekend, happy running!

  12. I have been loving this weather too! I'm sorry you didn't get it to the race...I guess things happen for a reason. Enjoy your weekend...

  13. Cool header :)
    Hope you had a great run today, with the wonderful weather.
    Too bad about the 1/2...I guess you'll have to find another one to compensate :)

  14. I haven't had Cracklin Oat Bran cereal in ages, but I use to like it a lot. What a great photo on the top of your blog!


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