Monday, January 9, 2012

Hurray for LRS!!!

Ok, so a shout out in favor of my Local Running Store (LRS), and why I hope we all support them.  Last summer I bought a pair of running sunglasses.  I got home and realized they were not polarized, which was one of the reasons I wanted a new pair in first place.  They weren't that expensive ($50), so I thought I would just go back and exchange them.  I never did, and I forgot about it.  This weekend, I found them tucked away, in original box and bag, with my receipt, and thought, what the heck, why not?  I will go ask and see if they can get manufacturer credit or something; if not, I could sell them on eBay.  (I suppose I could have used them, but they would always be the glasses I didn't want, ya know?)  Also, last year I bought Mrs. Wolve a Garmin 210 after she announced she was running a half marathon.  She didn't, and the watch literally was never used.  Never even unboxed.  So, I thought the same thing, why not see if I could do a deal if they could send back to Garmin.  If not, I more than completely understood.  And then they would make their way to eBay.

My LRS stepped right up.  Took both back, with a smile.  I, in fact, exchanged the glasses for the polarized version, bought the wife a Timex Ironman watch and got myself a new pair of running shoes, and ended up owing them about $50.  What a deal.  Trade 2 things I didn't want for things that were needed.  And I completely feel almost embarrassed by asking them to take them back, but they assured me it was all OK.
Thanks LRS!

On running notes, I wish it was that easy to run again.  Last week was 20 miles, with an outdoor run up and down hills.  Watching the Woodstock movie last night, I saw the performance of Crosby Stills and Nash, never one of my favorites, but wow what a performance.  i have been having a loooonnngg  debate with my 11 year old over what is good music; namely, imo, the overproduced dance/rap stuff on the radio involves no real musical skill.  Steven Stills blew me away, even though I could honestly say I never knew anything about him.  Despite the fact that it is a love song (not a running song) one line in Suite: Judy Blue Eyes resonated with me and the way I felt this weekend:

"Don't let the past, remind us of what we are not now..."


  1. Funny--my almost 11-yr. old son and I debate music quite a bit. Different tastes but I think it's fun to share them w/ each other.

    What a great LRS you have!

  2. Local running stores rock!

    My son and I are always debating music. We both are very eclectic with our tastes so it can be quite fun!

  3. good to see you back running and blogging. you've been missed. is there a target race somewhere down the line?

  4. Having once worked retail for a long stretch, I am glad they took back your items! Our store (not a LRS) had a policy that they didn't even require a receipt. CRAZY. They got taken advantage of many many times, stuff badly used, etc...but I guess, in the end, the "Customer is always right" was a good policy for sales.

    CSN put out some great music :)

  5. That's a good line. Keep looking forward!


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