Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Value of Blogging. Or, am I getting old?

Since I started posting again, I have re-read a bunch of my old posts and race reports.  And they made me smile, particularly reading about my 2009 NY marathon experience (here and here). That was my second NY Marathon, with the first coming in 2006.

And then something occurred to me:  I don't really remember my first marathon.  I wasn't blogging about it, wasn't thinking about it, I was just doing it.  It was also my first organized race.  I do remember that I trained using Hal Higdon's book.  I don't really remember the start or much about the first 15 miles.  I remember running up First Avenue, the Fred's Team kids, and, after thinking about it for awhile, that I rode on the bus out to Staten Island and sat next to an older lawyer.  I remember seeing my family at mile 18, and then, about 2 minutes later, I ate a green, unripe, hard banana and a vanilla gel (yuck!) and almost vomited.  And my first walk break was on the Willis Avenue Bridge at mile 20 or so.  I remember, at Mile 25, trying to keep up with a guy running in a pink tutu and ballerina outfit. (I couldn't.)  I don't remember any of the training, except my first long run in the rain.  It took me awhile to remember that I got injured about 2 months before the race (PFS), and because I had to shut it down for a month or so before the race to let the PFS heal, and then I had to hope that I had trained enough before the injury.  My time was 3:50.

That is seriously about all I can recall. I don't remember the start or the finish, although I do have a picture of crossing the finish line.  That is kindof scary for something that wasn't THAT long ago and for what should be a defining moment. I have basically a blank slate.

In contrast, I remember vivid details about marathon #2 in 2009.  And, re-reading my blog reports and race reports makes me remember it even more vividly.

I attribute the complete difference in recall to the fact that I was blogging about race #2.  During long runs, I can remember composing posts in my head as I ran.  Thinking of what was interesting, or memorable, or would be a shared common experience to write about.  And of course, I then wrote that down, and can now re-read it.

Or, maybe I am just getting old and just don't remember 2006 all that well.


  1. And that is why I love blogging, because it helps you remember those moments, even (especially?) the insignificant ones. (Cuz we're all getting old...) :)

  2. I am getting old because I can barely remember yesterday! :) That is why I blog! My kid can just read me my blog when I am the old folks home and it will be like a new experience for me!

  3. As a peer, I would say it's age! ; )

    I agree, though, it's fun to go back and read where you were in blogs. A great record of your racing life.

  4. Past posts - Makes for a good read. I use my race reports when going back to the same race to recall the details of the course, my good and bad, and get motivated to improve myself.

  5. My first marathon was in 1996 in Houston and I remember only small snapshots of it. I remember it was *freezing* (20 degrees and raining) and I was wearing shorts (idiot), a black technical shirt (the first one I ever owned--men's size and huge--I still have it) and a garbage bag. I remember my friends brought me dry shoes and socks at mile 20 and I needed their help putting them on. I remember the finish line was deserted and I had to go home immediately for a shower because I brought nothing to change into (idiot again). Blogging definitely helps!

  6. Luckily, I started blogging before I did any races so they are in there somewhere with pics. Yes, it is a wonderful experience to write about what you love doing. Thanks for sharing this. Take care.

  7. I know I'm getting old too, but I have vivid memories of my first marathon back in 1999. I think it's some of the marathons in between I'm a bit fuzzy on.


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