Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Product Idea: Water...in a Bag!

As much as we New Yorkers can complain about the weather, this winter has been great. Almost no snow, and now, mid-March we are getting 60+ degree days.  It lifts the spirits and makes for a great day to run.  Of course, I know from my Michigan days that winter has not left the building and could make a stormy comeback, but with each passing beautiful day, the odds become less and less that we see white stuff.

So, to celebrate St.Patrick's Day I decided to go for long run #2 this year.  Again, 9 miles on relatively flat terrain, with a goal of 85% or less average heart rate.  I like to visualize these runs.  My gear, the route, the songs, the turnaround, the after run re-hydration plan.  It helps me get focused and locked in.  I know there are people who can just wake up and say, hmmm, i guess I'll go run 9 miles today, but that's not me.  Plus I need to carefully schedule these runs around kids, wife, sports, shopping, trips to the play ground, cooking and everything else we do on a nice weekend.

The run turned out great.  I ended averaging about 8:20 miles at around 85% HR.  a little harder than I wanted but felt wonderful.

A product note:  why doesn't someone make water in a bag.  I run with a small belt that fits keys, iPod, sometimes a phone.  But a water bottle will not fit because of the shape and size, and I really don't like the fuel belts.  So, I had an idea: water in a bag.  I put one Ziploc sandwich bag inside another and filled the inner one with about 4 ounces of water, zipped them both closed.  It fit great, and was just the right amount for one water break.  Ah, if only was that easy.  Because we go through like a million of those bags, wife had bought the cheap store brand.  And it developed a teeny, tiny hole in the top of both bags, right by the seal, which is not a problem with a sandwich, but was a big problem with water.  It slowly leaked, all over said iPod and into the belt.  Yuck, had to ditch it at about the 1.5 mile mark and run sans water.  Anyone have any ideas?  I have seen Roarin Waters for kids (basically flexible juice packs for kids) but they have loads of sugar and flavoring and even then are a little big.  I am thinking like a Gu package, but with water.  No charge for the idea, Nike or Asics.

UPDATE:  The question of running with a cold has been definitively addressed by the NY Times.  Verdict: it is OK, and may be helpful,l so long as the cold is not severe chest congestion.


  1. they do make water in a bag. they had them at the miami marathon. the only downside was getting hit in the head when volunteers threw them. i know this happened to at least 3 people, yours truly included...


  2. I was JUST about to tell you about B.o.B's Miami experience but she beat me to it! LOL!

  3. Thanks for the link on exercising with colds. I'm going to look up those studies and use them for a school project.

  4. I love the water bag idea. I guess that's what my Camel Bak is--a huge bag, on my back. Smaller ones would sometimes be nice.

  5. There's a bloke in Australia who's been providing water in sachets at various marathons - Canberra & Melbourne I think. I've used them - had them at the Weston Creek Half on the weekend -- you bite the corner off the bag (soft plastic). They had both plain water and 'gatorade' -- saves on plastic cups. They'd fit in a money belt or pockets. Think I'd still prefer my fuelbelt if I was on a long run with no water available.

  6. Great idea! Those hydra pouches look like a good option but still not quite there.


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