Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random thoughts...

Haven't posted in a while because I have been kind of busy and sort of going through a running malaise.  I can't get motivated it seems like, even though I know I need to.  Maybe it is the spring weather, maybe its work and travel, but still just haven't had the burning desire to lace them up.  Both some random thoughts.

1.  Kiawah Island is a great place to run.  In the big scheme of things I don;t really like to run on the beach.  We are usually on the beach in Florida, where it is always like 100 degrees and humid.  Plus the beach is white, so it is so bright I feel like I am running on the surface of the sun.  And the beach has a narrowish strip between the water and the loose sand.  And the beach has slope to it, so one leg is always downhill from the other.  In fact, most times in Florida, I run on the roads next to the beach.

None of that is true on Kiawah Island.  Kiawah is about 20 miles south of Charleston.  The beach is incredibly big and flat.  The tide must go in and out, and I am not kidding, over 100 yards of beach.  And the beach stays firm, not muddy (cars and bicycles on the beach are common).  It is a lightish brown, so not blindingly bright.  It is truly perfect to run on -- a little soft to absorb, but hard enough.  And lots and lots of beach to run on.  Simply incredible surface.  I ran everyday we were there just to run on it.  Now if they could just dial back the never ending 15 mph winds... Low tide  (note how far down the beach the bicycles are!):

2.  Signed up for 2 races -- my first races in 2 years.  Hard for me to believe, but I haven't run a race in over two years.  Wow.  Anyway, I signed up for the Fairfield Half Marthon on June 24 (a race I really liked before), and more the Healthy Kidney 10K on May 12 (my last race two years ago, that actually didn't go so well).  I generally don't like the shorter races (5K or 4M), and just the way schedules have worked with the kids, Saturday races are better than Sunday races.  So, I figured I better get a race under my belt before the Fairfield Half in late June.  And, I am in the NY Marathon from a guaranteed entry I have deferred from last year.

3.  My arthritic toe is still there.  I have arthritis in the big toe on my left foot.  Most days I don't notice it.  But some days it hurts, pops and grumbles at me.  It has been grumbling more lately.

4.  I really like the Asics Gel Kayano 18s.  I buy lots of shoes and gear.  But I haven't bought a pair of shoes in like two months because of the crush I have on the Kayanos.  Lighter, but still with lots of padding.  Garmin?  Can you please make one product I like as much as the GK 18s.

5. Garmin?  It is still, well, its finicky self.  The battery has taken a liking to running down overnight.  It is fond of resetting itself when it gets a little confused.  The timeout function has a mind of its own.  But, when you work, which is most of the time, I want to kiss you and marvel at your technology.

6. My new iPad is cool, but not that cool.  I bought the new iPad the day it came out.  I previously had the first iPad that I bought first week it came out.  The new one is 100 times faster, which is awesome.  But otherwise, its kindof the same.  Why aren't there really good training log/calendar apps?  if anyone knows of one, I am all ears.

Good luck to all, and I have been keeping up with everyone, just not as often and not as vocal.  As always I admire and you inspire!


  1. Ooh, two races on the books! Congratulations! And that beach does look wonderful for running. Beaches always make my calves hurt, but I know those sorts of runs are good for you.

  2. I got the new iPad the week it came out. Love it. It's my first iPad. But then 2 weeks later I got a macbook air. NOw I only use the iPad for draw something.... I think the macbook air is more awesome than the iPad.


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