Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Talking to the future

As I have said before, when I ran my first marathon in 2006, I didn't keep any journal, or blog or anything.  And now I have almost zero memory of it.  I remember getting PFS and going to a physical therapist.  I remember seeing the Fred's Team kids on First Avenue, seeing my then 6 year old daughter too.  But I don't remember the training, the race or really much about it.  So, to make sure I don't forget this one...a training update.

Two weeks ago I ran my long run on the beach at Kiawah Island.   Even though I started early (7 a.m.), it was  already 79 degrees, and humidity was about 90 percent (I looked on yahoo weather.)  The dew point was 74 degrees.  That was sticky hot.  A gorgeous run (pic above) but, man, after about 8 miles, I was dead on my legs.  I crashed, couldn't keep the pace.  Ended up averaging about 9:28 over 12 miles with a crazy high heart rate.  Combination of running on sand and the heat/humidity.  Garmin also crashed and lost my data for the run...airgh...I just wanted my heart rate data to see the stress.  And I did see wild Bobcat tracks on the beach.  Very cool.  But I remember most the crash and burn.  I was really ready for the end of the run.

This last week I ran in the Long Training Run in the Park. Last year, I volunteered to pace a group at 9/min per mile.  After mile 13 or so, I cracked (I had planned on stopping at 11, GI issues, no food or water, etc.), but this year I just wanted to run.  MUCH easier not pacing.  The 9/min pace seemed really slow, but just about perfect training pace. Heart rate in line, not much trouble holding the pace, and felt good.  And the results showed.  A strong training run!  I split from the group to only run 15, so at mile 13 I peeled off and ran last 2 solo.  And faster also, both around 8/min.  Very successful run.  Very sore the next day too, but 48 hours later, not bad.

Been running during the week on the treadmill.  I have been trying to loosely follow the program of 3 "quality" runs per week -- one long, one tempo, one speed.  Speed I have slacked off has caused aggravation in my calf and hamstring.  But the tempo runs.,..1/4/1 (one warmup, 4 at 10K pace, one cool down)  are a kick in pants too.  Two weeks ago I had a super strong 5mile race in Central Park at 7:36 pace, so been using that as temp pace.  That is a challenge for sure.

And the other challenge is losing weight while training.  Watching calorie intake, trying to fuel workouts and recover.  I have been successful so far, but it is another stress point.  But running is much easier lighter.

On tap this weekend: 14 hilly miles around my neighborhood.  Already thinking about it, planning it.

Hope your summer has been great!


  1. You've ramped things up pretty quickly. Nice going.
    Our winter has been not so great thanks ;) Cold, wet and windy.

  2. Kiawah can be miserable for running...that humidity will get you every time. I've run the half there in December and it was miserable.


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