Monday, July 14, 2014

New update post

I haven't posted in a while, only because I want to have something to report.  I have been running, albeit more tentatively.  The heat and humidity really gets to me, but it must be good training.

I am in this fall's NY Marathon.  And the training begins this week.  I have run nine miles two times in the last week or so, and both times, I ran faster than I intended.  The HR was in the 153 range, which is too fast for the long runs.  But it has also been super humid which affects it also. And yesterday, I ran 9 miles after running a race on Saturday.  So I came off a pretty stressful workout day before, which affects HR for sure.

This year, for training I am going to follow my modified FIRST plan.  It is basically 3 quality runs a week, (one long, one interval, one tempo), and either easy days or cross training.  And I am going to lift.  As much as I have said that in the past, this time I have already begun that regimen.  Once or twice a week since last month or so.  Oh, and yoga too.

And as I look forward, to the future, my parents are not getting any younger, and have had recent health problems, my Dad in particular.  I run to make them proud, to stay healthy and do what I can for as long as I can.

Some vacations are upcoming.  I go to North Carolina to pick up older daughter from camp (July 25).  A family trip to South Carolina (Kiawah) the week after that.  Should be nice to run and the beach there is great to train on.  And happy anniversary Mrs. Wolve (17 years...)!

The primary focus in the short term remains weight loss.  I need to get to a racing weight of 190. That is doable, but will require a couple months worth of work.  Matt Fitzgerald wrote a book on nutrition and racing  and said that each extra 10 pounds means the body must use 6.2%  more force to lift the body off ground to run.  Wow, ok, so lose weight, get faster.

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  1. I remember those hot humid July days, running around Central Park. Very cold here - about 5C when I ran this afternoon.
    Well done on getting into NY. Interested to see how the FIRST & weight loss plans go.


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