Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

When I was growing up, I hated breakfast. I rarely ate it, and really didn't like any breakfast foods. Cereal, no thanks. Eggs, to this day, make me gag and sick to my stomach. In high school, I ended up eating biscuits and bacon each morning. As I got to college, I didn't eat breakfast. In grad school, however, I settled upon what I called the "Breakfast of Champions" -- two Diet Cokes and two chocolate Pop Tarts. Looking back on it, I realize why I liked it -- two big jolts of caffeine and sugar.

This came to mind today when I was walking to work. On 42d Street, close to Times Square, Kelloggs has opened, I kid you not "Pop Tart World." I had to go inside and look. There were Pop tart t shirts, a machine where you could make custom boxes of pop tarts. A pop tart cafe with everything pop tart, like pop tart sushi. As they said in Spinal Tap, there is a fine line between clever and stupid, and I am still scratching my head as to where this falls.

So that brings to mind a question: what do people eat before morning runs? My current breakfast is...a high protein energy bar. But that doesn't work before a workout. I have experimented and stick with wheat toast and almond butter. Maybe a banana. But I always feel it sloshing around when I run. And coffee? Well, I know the caffeine is a stimulant that undeniably helps performance. But coffee has a certain side effect that I really, really try to avoid when I am on the trail. Enough said about that.

Anyone have any particular favorites or tips?


  1. I drink coffee every morning but never on race day. Sorry, I'm little to NO help here. During races I DO opt for the Gu's with caffeine though. ;)

  2. Coffee is a must before I go running. It speeds things up in areas that if not emptied will make a big mess on the run.
    Before short runs I don't eat anything. Longer runs require breakfast which means often eggs (sorry) followed by a baby banana.

  3. short runs (less than 10 miles) i eat nothing.

    over 10 miles i will eat 1/2 pbj or banana.

    junie b

  4. if running < 1.5 hrs, usually just water.
    if greater than 1.5 hrs, a banana and water and then bring a gel with me on the run.

  5. I drink a little coffee (4 oz) early enough for it to not be a problem on the run.
    On runs less than 10 miles I eat nothing.
    More than 10 miles I eat 1/2 a Balance bar
    15+ miles and I eat a mini bagel with almond butter and maybe a banana.
    Pop Tarts just slay me. I looooved them as a kid!

  6. Everyone has been talking about Poptart World in my office today! I go through phases, right now I'm definitely on a greek yogurt kick.

  7. I also always drink coffee! I usually try to have something with carbs and some fat. Usually oatmeal w/ some kind of nut butter or cereal or a bagel w/ something. I need to get up early enough to eat and digest...

  8. I heard about Pop Tart world. And every time I see that commercial on how to use Pop Tarts to make ice cream sandwhiches, I kind of lose it a little.

    My standard pre run breakfast is a slice of peanut butter toast, half a banana and coffee. Otherwise it's a smoothie, or whatever looks good in the fridge!

  9. Diet coke and poptarts were my breakfast for many years. Poptarts for breakfast really is better than eating nothing. And there are a lot worse things than poptarts.

    But, if I'm headed out immediately for a run, I usually eat bananas and some OJ. If I'm headed to swim or bike or I have 1 1/2-2 hours until I run than I eat my normal breakfast of granola, yogurt and berries.

    I'm lucky because in Hawaii there are tons of public parks with decent restrooms, almost every mile or so along my run. So if I ever have those issues it's not far for me to go.

  10. In college I used to eat icecream for dinner, in grad school I'd go thru 2 large bottles of diet coke/day....

    I wake up at least one hour before I run and eat my typical breakfast of oatmeal or cereal with milk, and coffee.

  11. Luna Bar and Sobe water. I never was able to eat breakfast until I started running in the morning and just forced myself. Now I look forward to eating in the morning, but it took a while.

  12. I often eat banana bread or granola before runs over six miles, but yesterday I ate white rice which was fine. I don't usually eat before shorter runs.


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